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Craft project: Making a dollhouse is much like building a conventional house – it takes time and patience. While there are a lot of pieces to this challengin...READ MORE

Burl Vase

Woodworkers' Gallery...READ MORE

The Quiet Turbine


Build A Patio Harvest Table

Outdoor Furniture: There’s something about the simplicity of a table, and the joy of sharing a meal with friends around a handcrafted piece of furniture that...READ MORE

Control Portable Table Saw Dust

Cut the dust from a portable or contractor-style saw by over 90 percent.VISIT SITE

Garden Trellis

Weekend project: Spruce up your yard with this great looking and easy-to-build garden trellis. ...READ MORE

Housing for the Birds

Craft Project: One of the pleasures of watching as the landscaping in our yard progresses over the years and the plants mature is the increasing f...READ MORE

Layout Squares

Tool Project: You won’t realize how useful these squares can be around the shop until you have a few at hand. ...READ MORE

“C” Cab Stake Truck

Here is a cool toy that you can build over a few evenings or on the weekend. For even greater enjoyment build it with a young friend at hand. Leave it 'au naturel' or apply...READ MORE

Jacques Breau

Canadian Quotes: ...on straight-grained woods, selling his work and the benefits of working in an 85 sq. ft. shop....READ MORE

Fuji T-Series Spray Gun

Product News...READ MORE

Not Your Granddads Linseed Oil

Modern linseed oil based finishes offer much better protection than traditional boiled linseed oil, and they cure faster and harder.VISIT SITE

Free Easy Gift Plans

Free Easy Gift Plans...READ MORE

New 2 HP Craftex Dust Collector

Product News: The CT186 from Craftex is a great workhorse at an incredible price.  ...READ MORE

Carl’s House

Wood Chuckle: The other day, my new neighbour, Carl, showed up at my door looking a little frazzled. Maybe he looked scared; it’s kind of ha...READ MORE


Finishing News ...READ MORE

Quick and Easy Sharpening

Water-cooled sharpening systems that operate at very low speeds minimize your time sharpening, yet produce perfect results every time.VISIT SITE

12 Tools to Start Building Fine Furniture

Shop Essentials: If you’re just getting into woodworking, deciding what hand tools to buy first can be a daunting task. Though the first 12 are on us, you wi...READ MORE

Sienci Labs LongMill Benchtop CNC

Shop News: Take your woodworking to the next level with the LongMill Benchtop CNC machine.VISIT SITE

Reed Hansuld

Canadian Quotes: Creating movement using straight lines, trusting your eyeballs and why he never meets half his customers. ...READ MORE

Stone Age Joinery

Finer Details: Some projects call for a whole new approach when it comes to joinery.   ...READ MORE

Spray Your Way to a Gorgeous Finish

Save time and money, reduce overspray, and get a blemish-free finish with an easy-to-use turbine-driven HVLP system.VISIT SITE

Top 10 DIY Makeover Ideas

Top Ten: Renovating or remodeling makes both practical and economic sense. It’s a great way to enhance the look of your home, and also increase its resale va...READ MORE

Pen Making is Easy and Fun

It’s a relatively easy and inexpensive hobby to get into as it doesn’t require a large amount of space or a vast array of tools.VISIT SITE

Good Tools Last

Top quality power tools from major brands pay for themselves over time, in improved efficiency and a longer service life.VISIT SITE

Perfect Holes Need Perfect Bits

Flat curved rims with inside bevels, dual chippers, and a center spur enable Forstner bits to cut perfectly round flat-bottom holes.VISIT SITE

Grass-Seat Chair

Furniture Project: Nakashima's style reflects the unadorned beauty of wood and other natural materials ...READ MORE

Enter For Your Chance to WIN

Win some great new products, offered generously by our sponsors...READ MORE

Spiral Cutterheads Outperform

Retrofit your planer or jointer with quality spiral cutterheads.VISIT SITE

Woodturning Tools for a New Turner

Turning Tools: Turning requires a completely different set of tools and can be confusing to the beginner. Cut through all the confusion to learn what’s reall...READ MORE

BESSEY GearKlamp

Shop News: With the new GearKlamp, BESSEY moved the handle to make clamping easier.VISIT SITE

Precision Panel Sanding

For any woodworker who does a lot of sanding, particularly of shop sawn veneer and wide panels, a drum sander is a godsend.VISIT SITE

Splined End Mitre Joints

Wood Joinery: Mitre joints are an attractive joint often used in framework for cabinets and cabinet doors, picture frames and box lids - wherever you don't wan...READ MORE

Build a Mandolin Holder

Weekend Project: This holder will keep your mandolin accessible, while making sure it doesn’t get damaged. ...READ MORE

Zero Clearance Inserts

A zero clearance insert is easy to make and goes a long way in reducing tearout. ...READ MORE

Artisan Rolling Pin

Weekend Project: Most rolling pins hang out in a drawer until it’s time to whip up a batch of pastry, but this eye-catching beauty is meant to be seen, even ...READ MORE

Fast and Accurate Nailing

Pneumatic and cordless nailers provide a convenient and easy way to speed up the assembly and installation process.VISIT SITE

Add a Woven Gate to your Yard

Home Improvement: A gate is a bit like a necktie – it gives you the opportunity to add some pizzazz to an otherwise simple look. This is a unique gate that w...READ MORE

Save Space with a Combo

Exceptional quality, unique engineering features, and a small footprint make combination machines a worthwhile consideration.VISIT SITE


Home Project: This counter-top breadbox will make a fine addition to your kitchen or a hand-made gift. ...READ MORE

Make a Kid’s Art Storage Box

Kid’s Project: The perfect level of difficulty for a kid’s birthday party, this is a fun and easy project for most kids to do, and leaves them with a d...READ MORE

Craft a Timeless Rocking Chair

Heirloom Project: A rocker is on just about every woodworker’s ‘bucket list’. If you can appreciate smooth, subtle curves and are up for a challe...READ MORE

Router Bits: Joinery

Router Bits: Download this handy poster that you can put up in your workshop for practical tips on router bits....READ MORE

Create New Design Possibilities

Veneers applied to solid wood or sheet stock offer you a whole new world of design options and are very economical.VISIT SITE