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12 Ways To Add Texture With Tools You Already Have

Shop Skills: If you can open your eyes to what else your tools can do, you will start to look at your cherished tool collection in a whole new light. ... READ MORE

SMART LOCKS Make for Better Home Security

Smart Home: Thanks to advances in smart technology protecting your family, home, and its contents, is easier than ever. ... READ MORE

Demo Demon Amped

The Ultimate Framing and Demolition Saw Blade... READ MORE

Jonathan Otter

Canadian Quotes: His studio, straight-grain, and the role that sketching plays in his work. ... READ MORE

Streamlined Workbench

Shop Project: A good workbench is one of the most important tools in a workshop. ... READ MORE

Top 10 Power Carving Tips

Top Ten: Getting into power carving is like opening up an entire new woodworking world. Sculpting and shaping wood in three dimensions is fun, and will leave you w... READ MORE

Domestic and Exotic Lumber and Veneer

Over 20,000 sq ft of fabulous exotic and domestic lumber, veneer, and sheet goods.VISIT SITE

Extreme Bird House

Woodworkers’ Gallery ... READ MORE

Zipwall Creates Instant Shop

Product News... READ MORE

Enter to WIN One of Three Cordless Chainsaws

Win One of Three Cordless Chainsaws... READ MORE

Make a Kid’s Art Storage Box

Kid’s Project: The perfect level of difficulty for a kid’s birthday party, this is a fun and easy project for most kids to do, and leaves them with a d... READ MORE


Canadian Provincial Capitals Scroll Saw Patterns... READ MORE

The Wood Specialists

A & M Wood Specialty offers one of the broadest inventories in North America of wood and related wood products.VISIT SITE

Power Carving

Tool Skills ... READ MORE

What Drill Bit Should You Choose?

What drill bit should you choose? Download this handy poster that you can put up in your workshop for practical tips on drill bits.... READ MORE

A Serious Small Shop for $10,000

Shop Start-up: Setting up a shop in your home is the only option for many amateur – and even some professional – woodworkers. There are lots of decisio... READ MORE

Small Shop Essentials 2018

Small Shop Essentials: Woodworking products to help you tool your shop.... READ MORE

Shop Vacuums

Tool Purchasing  ... READ MORE


Craft project: Making a dollhouse is much like building a conventional house – it takes time and patience. While there are a lot of pieces to this challengin... READ MORE

A Pen Turner's Paradise

Canada's Premier One-Stop Shop For Pen Turning Supplies.VISIT SITE

Dado Sets

Know Your Tools: Get the most out of your dado set.... READ MORE

Custom Bandsaw Blades

The specialists for made to order bandsaw blades. Welds are fully guaranteed - if a blade breaks at the weld, return it by mail to R&D Bandsaws for a free repair.VISIT SITE

Saw Blade Specialists

Premium standard and specialty blades and dado sets for table and miter saws.VISIT SITE

Which HVLP Spray Finishing System is Right for You?

Wood Finishing: The world of spray finishing can seem daunting at first. Learn about the different types of HVLP spray systems so you can make a purchase with confidence. ... READ MORE

Build a Moxon Vise

Weekend Project: This little bench top-helper will lend a hand at a moment’s notice.  ... READ MORE

HVLP Spraying Systems

Versatile, Innovative and Trusted - The World Leaders In HVLPVISIT SITE

Ultimate Drilling

For decades Fisch has been synonymous with superior quality in drill bits.VISIT SITE

Durable, Dependable, Precision Tools for Woodworking and Carpentry

SYSTAINER, power tools, mobile dust extractors: Festool brings together what belongs together – cleverly and uniquely. Demanding tools for woodworkers who demand the best.VISIT SITE

Rabbets, Dados and Grooves

Router Skills: Rabbets, dados and grooves are basic forms of joinery found in most woodworking projects. Learning to do them correctly will give your woodworking s... READ MORE

Demanded by Pros

GREX pneumatic tools are designed and built for the most demanding professional and industrial woodworking applications.VISIT SITE

Build a Bat House

Outdoor Project: Bats are unrivaled for controlling pests like mosquitoes and for both pollinating plants and dispersing seeds. This simple project will give them ... READ MORE

Routing Bits, Jigs and Accessories

Router Skills: When you buy a router, you are investing in one of the most versatile tools you can add to your shop; but to get the most out of your router you&rsq... READ MORE

Edge Tools and Sharpening Systems

High quality edge tools and edge tool related products, including Hultafors, Silky, Lowe, and Tormek.VISIT SITE


Puzzle Project: There is nothing like a simple puzzle to occupy a lazy afternoon. The best types of puzzles are those that are hard to put away, and this project i... READ MORE

Power Carving Accessories

Carving and Sanding Attachments for Your Power Grinder.VISIT SITE

Rebates and Tax Credits for Renovations

Home Improvement: There are various programs to help you reduce energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve accessibility for seniors and the ... READ MORE

Contractor Style Table Saws

Tool Purchasing: A "contractor" saw is generally a 10" table saw with an open stand and outboard motor. The motor hangs out the back and drives... READ MORE

Buy, Exchange, and Save

Exchangable Saw Blades, Hole Saws, and Bits.VISIT SITE

Maple Knife Block

Easy Project: This handy knife block keeps your knives organized, sharp and at hand. ... READ MORE

Build a Mandolin Holder

Weekend Project: This holder will keep your mandolin accessible, while making sure it doesn’t get damaged. ... READ MORE

Canada's Woodcrafters Supply House

Helping woodworkers and woodcrafters create since 1985, with a huge selection of related hardware, wood parts, and tools,VISIT SITE

SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw

Shop News: From our supporting advertisers  ... READ MORE