Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement


Craft project: Making a dollhouse is much like building a conventional house – it takes time and patience. While there are a lot of pieces to this challengin... READ MORE

Board & Batten Wood Siding

Home Improvement: Vertical wood siding is a time-proven, versatile, environmentally friendly, locally available option that requires minimal tools and equipment to... READ MORE

Ridgid 6Ah Lithium-Ion battery pack

HYPER OCTANE for Ridgid Octane Power Toolsx (x)   #ir-ext-ui { position: fixed; padding: 1px; z-index: 9999; display: none; font-family: Consolas... READ MORE

Levelling a Problem Floor

Home improvement: From carpenters to floor installers to homeowners, nobody likes an uneven floor. Learn a few tips on how to level a floor before laying a brand n... READ MORE

The Well-Dressed Board

Skill Builder: One of the biggest frustrations faced by novice woodworkers is the acquisition and preparation of lumber for their projects. Where you purchase your... READ MORE

Arbortech Mini Grinder

Shop Tested ... READ MORE

How Strong is a Dowel Joint?

Strength Test: Dowel joints are fast, easy and flexible to make, but how strong are they? We put this popular joint through some tests to figure out if they are as... READ MORE

Saw Blade Holder

Shop Project: This blade holder will not only protect your sharp saw blades, and keep them well within arm’s reach, but it also won’t interfere with th... READ MORE

PureBond Hardwood Plywood

Premium formaldehyde-free hardwood plywood... READ MORE

Build a Kids’ Train Set

Community Project: This fun train set is a simple project to make, will introduce kids to how enjoyable woodworking can be and will allow you to spend some time wi... READ MORE

Finishing with CA Glue

Wood Finishing: Next time you reach for your CA glue, it can be for finishing a small project, not gluing it together. ... READ MORE

Small Shop Essentials 2018

Small Shop Essentials: Woodworking products to help you tool your shop.... READ MORE

Diary of a Novice: Coffee Table

Home Project: What follows is a chronicle of my table-building odyssey, including frustrations, mistakes, and finally, success.... READ MORE

Gift Ideas

Tool Review  ... READ MORE

Folding Chair

Portable Project: Take your own chair with you when attending outdoor events. This fold-up chair is easy to carry and comfortable to sit on. ... READ MORE

Make Your Own Bow Saw

Shop Tools: This traditional bow saw is great for many tasks around the shop. It’s also a lot of fun to make. ... READ MORE

3 Easy Steps to Grain Filling

Wood Finishing: For an ultra smooth, glass-like surface on open pored woods (such as oak, ash, walnut or mahogany), fill the grain before applying your topcoat. ... READ MORE

9 Super-Simple Small Shop Hacks

Shop Essentials: Every woodworker would agree that small shop hacks can make your time in the shop more productive and enjoyable. They say it’s the little th... READ MORE

Wireless Audio For Workshop or Jobsite

Smart Home: Whether it’s Beethoven or Beyoncé, Miles Davis or Dr. Dre, music can help the workday glide along more smoothly. We look at four general t... READ MORE

Demo Demon Amped

The Ultimate Framing and Demolition Saw Blade... READ MORE

OSMO UV-Protection Oil Extra

Optimal Wood Protection From the Sun... READ MORE

Canada Woodworking East

Eastern Canada’s Woodworking Machinery & Supply Showx (x)  #ir-ext-ui { position: fixed; padding: 1px; z-index: 9999; display: none; font-family: Consolas, "L... READ MORE

Inside-Out Ornament

Turning Project: You don’t have to tell your guests this delicate ornament was easier to make than Christmas dinner.... READ MORE

Jonathan Otter

Canadian Quotes: His studio, straight-grain, and the role that sketching plays in his work. ... READ MORE

Build it Once

Home Improvement: 11 Tips for a Stronger, Longer Lasting Deck ... READ MORE

Production for Box Making

Shop Skills: Making one box is much different than making 100 boxes. In order for the process to be smooth and successful, a different approach needs to be used. J... READ MORE

Caring for a Finish

Wood Finishing: Accidents may happen – these simple techniques can keep your furniture looking like new for many years to come. ... READ MORE

Introduce Your Kids to Woodworking

Education - Kids: Whether it turns into a hobby or a career (or neither), many parents would love to see their kids try their hand at working wood. Here are some t... READ MORE

How to Build Solid Wood Countertops

Home Improvement: Solid wood counters have been around since the beginning of time, and for good reason, as this natural material has proven to be durable, resilie... READ MORE

Polishing and Buffing a Finish

Wood Finishing: With the right tools and a systematic approach, it’s not hard to get that gleaming finish of your dreams. ... READ MORE

Build an Arched-Top Wall Mirror with Curved Drawers

Heirloom Project: This cherry and birdseye maple wall mirror will look great in a front entrance or hallway. It may appear to be a challenging project, but the con... READ MORE

Add a Woven Gate to your Yard

Home Improvement: A gate is a bit like a necktie – it gives you the opportunity to add some pizzazz to an otherwise simple look. This is a unique gate that w... READ MORE

Working With Sheet Goods in a Small Shop

Shop Essentials: Sheet goods are great for many applications in the furniture maker’s workshop, but they come with a number of challenges. Learn how to work ... READ MORE

Intersections Wood Gallery and Studio

Specializing in the art of trees and objects made from wood... READ MORE

Max Gets Fat

Product News: The Stanley FatMax™ Tool Vest has been constructed with comfort, function and durability in mind. It provides fast, convenient access to a... READ MORE

Blanket Chest

Storage Project: If you live in an older home you'll no doubt have found that closet space is at a premium; for some reason builders didn't include adequat... READ MORE

Top 10 Metal Fasteners for Woodworking

Top Ten: There are dozens out there, but some are crucial to have on hand, while others are in the ‘nice to have’ category. Make sure ... READ MORE


Scroll Project: One of the most distinctive bird calls is that of the Chickadee. It’s wonderful to hear them calling “Chick-a-Dee-Dee-... READ MORE

Power Carving

Tool Skills ... READ MORE

Thinking of Building a Dedicated Shop?

Shop Design: With so many things to consider, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Building contractor Matt Dunkin answers some of the most impo... READ MORE

Renovations Explained

Wood Chuckle: I love renovating. Or to be a little more accurate, I love 90 percent of renovating. It’s the final 10 percent needed to actually finish the re... READ MORE

The Insider's Guide to Buying Tools

Book Report... READ MORE