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Build an Electric Guitar - Without the Fancy Tools

Instrument Project: If you’ve ever thought of building an electric guitar but didn’t like the idea of needing a number of specialized tools, we’v...READ MORE

Build a Bat House

Outdoor Project: Bats are unrivaled for controlling pests like mosquitoes and for both pollinating plants and dispersing seeds. This simple project will give them ...READ MORE

New DAP Wood Fillers

The New DAP WoodPro is the wood filler born with over 150 years of DAP expertise....READ MORE

Cutting Dados & Grooves on the Table Saw

Skill Builder: Dados and grooves are one of the most basic joints you can use when constructing furniture projects. They provide a mechanical conn...READ MORE

How to Build Solid Wood Countertops

Home Improvement: Solid wood counters have been around since the beginning of time, and for good reason, as this natural material has proven to be durable, resilie...READ MORE

Introduction to Interior Trimwork

Home Improvement: Learn about the terms, tools, materials, and equipment necessary for installing or replacing interior trimwork....READ MORE

Make a Set of Cam Clamps

Shop Project: Easy and inexpensive to make, these quickly adjusting clamps with non-marring jaws are ideal for a wide range of light duty clamping jobs....READ MORE

Enter For Your Chance to WIN

Win some great new products, offered generously by our sponsors...READ MORE

Demanded by Pros

GREX pneumatic tools are designed and built for the most demanding professional and industrial woodworking applications.VISIT SITE

Design Considerations

Dust Collection...READ MORE

Rubio Monocoat

Protects and Colours Your Wood in One Single Layer.VISIT SITE

Ring Stand

Turning Project: This is an easy project that is a great spindle exercise. You can make it an elaborate piece, with multiple woods, as shown in this article, ...READ MORE

Pint-Sized Workbench

Shop Project: Build this super-sturdy, efficient workbench for your small shop and you’ll never regret it. It’s big on functionality, but small on spac...READ MORE

The Mighty Mallet

Skill Builder:  Roughing out a large carving, or even a medium-sized one, can be a very laborious process. In the interest of saving time and energy, many car...READ MORE

The Art of Trees and Objects Made from Wood

Intersections Wood Gallery and Studio offers studio workshops where instructors share their knowledge and experience.VISIT SITE

An Unrivaled Selection of Woodworking Tools

KMS Tools has an unbeatable selection of tools and equipment including woodworking, welding, construction, automotive, industrial, and more.VISIT SITE

The Wood Specialists

A & M Wood Specialty offers one of the broadest inventories in North America of wood and related wood products.VISIT SITE

Quality Woodworking Machinery and Power Tools

Canada's leading distributor of woodworking machinery and power tools for over 35 years. VISIT SITE

Introduction to CNC Machines

Tool Technology: You may have heard the term “CNC” a lot in the last few years and found yourself wondering what CNC machines are all about. Read on to...READ MORE


Wood Finishing: Selecting the right brush, and properly maintaining it, will ensure you get the best finish possible. ...READ MORE


Canada's Most Popular Natural Wood OilsVISIT SITE

Ultimate Drilling

For decades Fisch has been synonymous with superior quality in drill bits.VISIT SITE

Lumber Rack

Storage Project:  I needed an inexpensive way to store rough lumber and strips of cut material. ...READ MORE

What Makes an Antique?

Heirloom Furniture: In today’s world, much of the furniture we come across is of mediocre quality, yet once in a while, we come across a piece that was built...READ MORE

Custom Bandsaw Blades

The specialists for made to order bandsaw blades. Welds are fully guaranteed - if a blade breaks at the weld, return it by mail to R&D Bandsaws for a free repair.VISIT SITE

Disappearing Dime Puzzle

Wooden Puzzle: Place a dime in the hole of the coin block. When you push the coin block into the wooden pocket, the dime disappears. Or, a variation on this trick ...READ MORE

Build it Once

Home Improvement: 11 Tips for a Stronger, Longer Lasting Deck ...READ MORE

Project Design

Design Options: Building furniture of your own design can be a very rewarding venture. It gives you complete control over all aspects of your project: the style, s...READ MORE

Woodturning Machnery and Supplies

Distributors for Vicmarc lathes and accessories and Carter & Sons wood turning tools.VISIT SITE

Durable, Dependable, Precision Tools for Woodworking and Carpentry

SYSTAINER, power tools, mobile dust extractors: Festool brings together what belongs together – cleverly and uniquely. Demanding tools for woodworkers who demand the best.VISIT SITE

Build a Side Table

Furniture Project: A table like this is at home in a living room, entry hall or even a bedroom. With lots of free-hand shaping, you will want to sharpen your hand ...READ MORE

How to Install Beadboard

Home Improvement: Installing beadboard is a great way to transform and update a room. With only a few tools, and a medium amount of skill, you can create a look th...READ MORE

Which HVLP Spray Finishing System is Right for You?

Wood Finishing: The world of spray finishing can seem daunting at first. Learn about the different types of HVLP spray systems so you can make a purchase with confidence. ...READ MORE

Trusted Finishes Since 1921

A Worldwide Leader in Protective Paints and Coatings for Both Home and Industry.VISIT SITE

Power Carve a Serving Dish

Weekend Project: Power carving is a woodworking technique that not many woodworkers know much about. With a bit of knowledge and a healthy dose of practice, you ca...READ MORE

Woodturning Tools for a New Turner

Turning Tools: Turning requires a completely different set of tools and can be confusing to the beginner. Cut through all the confusion to learn what’s reall...READ MORE

Low-Angle Block Plane Review

Tool Review: We tested four models of block planes for you – here is how they fared. ...READ MORE

King Canada Workshop Giveaway

Subscribe For Your Chance to Win...READ MORE

Board & Batten Wood Siding

Home Improvement: Vertical wood siding is a time-proven, versatile, environmentally friendly, locally available option that requires minimal tools and equipment to...READ MORE

Carving Green Wood

Carving Project: Many carvers believe that to carve, they need dry wood, but I ask, "How long are you prepared to wait?"  ...READ MORE

Children's Blocks

Gift Project: Toys make great Christmas presents. This project doesn’t require a lot of skill, and if you have the time and inclination, it’s a good ex...READ MORE


Craft project: Making a dollhouse is much like building a conventional house – it takes time and patience. While there are a lot of pieces to this challengin...READ MORE

Tegs Tools and Machinery

Canadian Family Owned and Operated For Over 35 Years.VISIT SITE

The Wood Shed

From Wood Shed to Work Shop - Quality Lumber and Specialty Wood.VISIT SITE