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Turn Between Centers Pen Mandrel

Shop News: This new Turn Between Centers mandrel system from William Wood-Write lets you turn more accurate, consistent and concentric pen barrels.READ MORE

Get the Most Out of Your Hollow Chisel Mortiser

Know Your Tools: Hollow Chisel Mortiser

Purchase a SawStop and Get A FREE Upgrade

Purchase SawStop’s Professional Cabinet Saw and upgrade for FREE. Save $271 and your fingers!... READ MORE

“C” Cab Stake Truck

Wooden Model  

Two-Handed Rasps by the Unplugged Woodshop

Shop News: For years, Tom Fidgen has been watching woodworkers use traditional-style rasps for shaping their work...he finally decided... READ MORE

Paul Lemiski

Canadian Quotes: Paul Lemiski on full-sized templates, Instagram and how technology is changing woodworking.

OneTree 2017 Exhibit

Community - Vancouver Island: Between November 16th, 2017 and January 31st, 2018, the Robert Bateman Centre and Live Edge Design are partnering to put on... READ MORE

Hollow & Flat Grinding

Tool Sharpening: The method you choose to sharpen an edge tool, such as a plane iron or chisel, will result in either a hollow ground or flat tool face. ... READ MORE

Hot Products 2014

Hot Products 2014: With the wide selection of new products that come out annually, it can be overwhelming to keep up to date with everything that hits the market. ... READ MORE

Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers On a Budget

Home In On: When it comes to giving your kitchen a bright new look, you don’t necessarily need to rip out and replace everything. Repainting or replacing jus... READ MORE

Ridgid Hyperdrive 18-Gauge Cordless Brad Nailer

Shop News: Drop the hose and get to work faster with the Ridgid 18V Brushless 18-Gauge brad nailer... READ MORE

Little Ripper Bandsaw Blade

Shop News: When re-sawing or cutting straight we recommend our 5/8» x .025» x 3 or 4 TPI high tungsten impregnated silicon hardedge hardback blade.&nbs... READ MORE

Hand Saws

Hand Saws... READ MORE

Portable Table Saws Under $500

Tool Comparison: Some small shops are so tight on space that a permanently set-up table saw isn’t an option. Portable table saws are often the tool of choice... READ MORE

Build an Arched-Top Wall Mirror with Curved Drawers

Heirloom Project: This cherry and birdseye maple wall mirror will look great in a front entrance or hallway. It may appear to be a challenging project, but the con... READ MORE

Japanese-Inspired Shop Storage

Shop Storage: It’s nice to have at least some of your shop storage solutions look fantastic. This cabinet is inspired by the tansu that have been hand crafte... READ MORE

Woodworking Classes in Toronto

Shop News: Itching to get back into woodworking? Or maybe you’re trying to learn some woodworking basics.... READ MORE

King Deluxe 18" Wood Bandsaw

Shop News: The KC-1802FXB ultimate 18" deluxe resaw bandsaw was recently unveiled by King Canada.... READ MORE

Build A Modern Coffee Table

Heirloom Project: This mitred coffee table includes clean lines, storage and a chance to add some interesting, visible joints. It also provides a comfy place to pu... READ MORE

Next Generation Batteries: What Manufacturers Are Doing to Enhance User Productivity

Tool Technology: There has been a lot of innovation in the cordless power tool sector in recent years. We recap the recent developments that strive to bring more p... READ MORE

Smart Sensors

Smart Home: These two smart sensors can help make your home safer and your life less stressful.

Make a Simple Textured Box

Weekend Project: These boxes are so easy and fun to make, you won’t know when to stop. Grab a few small pieces of wood and see where this basic starting poin... READ MORE

ProEdge Sharpening System

Shop News: As a woodturner, you know the value of a sharp chisel; it delivers cleaner, smoother cuts with less tearout. With the ProEdge Sharpening System from Rob... READ MORE

Stallion 15" Band Saw

Shop News: The Stallion B1512 15" 2 HP band saw from CWI Woodworking Technologies is a unique build of power, precision and performance like no other.&nb... READ MORE

Wood Cuts & Shrinkage

Woods To Know: The location of a specific cut in a log determines its grain pattern or figure. Let's look at wood shrinkage, and the effect that drying has on ... READ MORE

Toronto-Based Woodworking School

Shop News: If you’re looking to learn woodworking skills and techniques, take a look at In The Grain Workshop. ... READ MORE

Ruffled Bowl

Turning Project: If a stunning centerpiece, or a unique gift, is what you’re after, look no further. This turned and shaped piece of wood art is a lot of fun... READ MORE

Clean Cuts with New Table Saws

Shop News: Most woodworkers are aware that handling sheet goods can be difficult with most 10” table saws.... READ MORE

Battery-Powered String Trimmers

Tool Comparison: We take a look at the wide selection of battery-powered string trimmers between 36 and 58 volts that are on the market this spring.

Titebond III - An Adhesive That Does Everything

Shop News: Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue is the first one-part, water cleanup wood glue ever offered that is proven waterproof. ... READ MORE

ISOtunes Noise Isolating Bluetooth Earbuds

Shop News: ISOtunes PRO IT-01 are the world’s first Bluetooth headphones that provide the benefit of proven hearing protection. ... READ MORE

Great Turning Tools

Shop News: Looking for a longer-lasting edge? Outstanding balance and comfort? Workmanship that provides a lifetime guarantee?... READ MORE

Magnum Industrial 10" Overarm Blade Guard

The Easy Way to Upgrade Your Table Saw's Blade Guard.... READ MORE

Build a Kids’ Train Set

Community Project: This fun train set is a simple project to make, will introduce kids to how enjoyable woodworking can be and will allow you to spend some time wi... READ MORE

Build an Interior Door

Home Improvement: Building a set of doors is a great way to customize the interior of your home. Design options are almost endless, and it doesn’t take much ... READ MORE

DIY Hidden Beds

Shop News: If you’re looking to add a guest bed, but you don’t have a large enough or dedicated room, Hidden Bed Factory has exactly what you’re ... READ MORE

One Lazy Son-in-Law

Wood Chuckle: Don’s son-in-law helps him build an addition.

Build a Huon Pine ‘Clasp’ Table

Home Project: Join one of Canada’s most prolific furniture makers as he turns a very special board, gifted to him decades ago, into a beautiful coffee table.... READ MORE

Create Your Own Great Outdoors

Home Improvement: Expand your useable living space into the backyard with these six approaches.

Introduction to CNC Machines

Tool Technology: You may have heard the term “CNC” a lot in the last few years and found yourself wondering what CNC machines are all about. Read on to... READ MORE

Build a Planter Box

Outdoor Project: These solid-looking planter boxes can be custom sized to fit that perfect spot in your yard. The build process is fun and easy, and the finished l... READ MORE

Tankless Water Heaters

HomeInOn: On-demand hot water systems save space, save energy, and save you money.