Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement

Get the Most Out of Your Hollow Chisel Mortiser

Know Your Tools: Hollow Chisel Mortiser. Invest in premium bits; they’ll last longer and cut cleaner mortises. ... READ MORE

A&M Wood Specialities Celebrates 40 Years

Product News... READ MORE

Tung Oil: Debunking the Myths

Wood Finishing: Take a closer look at this common finish; there are many things we can all learn about this ancient, and misunderstood, substance. ... READ MORE

12 Ways To Add Texture With Tools You Already Have

Shop Skills: If you can open your eyes to what else your tools can do, you will start to look at your cherished tool collection in a whole new light. ... READ MORE

Mortise and Tenon

Router Skills: Mortise and Tenon joinery is both attractive and structurally solid. Because of that it is one of the most widely used joinery in woodworking, with ... READ MORE

Tuning a Block Plane

Tool Care. Table saws, jointers, planers and other machines are vital tools in a furniture making shop. ... READ MORE

Build a Moxon Vise

Weekend Project: This little bench top-helper will lend a hand at a moment’s notice.  ... READ MORE

Top 10 Tools to Teach Your Kids to Use

Top Ten: If your kids show a desire to learn about the tools in your shop, it’s a great idea to get them involved. Not only will they learn about tools and h... READ MORE

Build a Timeless Jewellery Box

Box Project: Even if you’re not addicted to jewellery, you likely know someone who is. Grab some figured woods and exotics and have fun making this timeless ... READ MORE

Streamlined Workbench

Shop Project: A good workbench is one of the most important tools in a workshop. ... READ MORE

Small Shop Essentials 2018

Small Shop Essentials: Woodworking products to help you tool your shop.... READ MORE

CD Cabinet

Furniture Project: Is your living room on the formal side? Do you have a beautiful CD/DVD system but nowhere to attractively store your disks? If so, this CD stora... READ MORE

Ultimate Router Fence

Shop Jig: Build this rock solid fence to handle any routing task with ease and accuracy. ... READ MORE

How to Install Beadboard

Home Improvement: Installing beadboard is a great way to transform and update a room. With only a few tools, and a medium amount of skill, you can create a look th... READ MORE

The Real Thing

Wood Finish  ... READ MORE

Delta, Craftex, and Fein Tools, Wizard Measuring Level

New Tools ... READ MORE

New 2 HP Craftex Dust Collector

Product News: The CT186 from Craftex is a great workhorse at an incredible price.  ... READ MORE

Applying Stains

Wood Finishing: Try using stain to make even the most ordinary project look extraordinary. ... READ MORE

Milk Paint

Wood Finishing: Milk paint has been around since the time of the pharaohs, yet it is only recently receiving attention due to its environmental friendli­ness a... READ MORE

Tenoning Jig

Shop Jig ... READ MORE

Versatile Hand Tool Display

Shop Project: Some tools are best kept tucked away – they work, but they are hardly things of beauty. Other tools cry out to be displayed, as they are f... READ MORE

Reduce Jointer Dust

Dust Collection ... READ MORE

Table Tops and Wood Movement

Wood Science: Most people have seen one form or another of failed table tops. Sometimes they crack down the middle. Sometimes they are so badly warped that they&rs... READ MORE

Hand Saws

Hand Saws - Download this handy poster that you can put up in your workshop for practical tips on hand saws.... READ MORE

Crafting a Window Seat

Use some time-saving tricks to make this window seat, then take all the time in the world to relax in it.... READ MORE

Build an Electric Guitar - Without the Fancy Tools

Instrument Project: If you’ve ever thought of building an electric guitar but didn’t like the idea of needing a number of specialized tools, we’v... READ MORE

Levitating Shelf

Home Project: Whether you need a simple shelf near your bed or the front door, this fun project will serve you well.... READ MORE

Entry Door

Home Project   ... READ MORE

Finishing with CA Glue

Wood Finishing: Next time you reach for your CA glue, it can be for finishing a small project, not gluing it together. ... READ MORE

Faux Fireplace Mantle

Décor Project ... READ MORE

Plane Away the Pounds

And the Weight Whisked Away Like Wood Shavings.... READ MORE

Magic Four Puzzle

Wooden Puzzle... READ MORE


Dust Collection  ... READ MORE

Woodpecker Dado Blade Set (WP824DCL)

Tool Picks... READ MORE

Dust Collection for the Home Shop

Shop Tools: There is one thing that all woodworkers share no matter what aspect of woodworking they participate in – as long as you are working with wood, yo... READ MORE

Which HVLP Spray Finishing System is Right for You?

Wood Finishing: The world of spray finishing can seem daunting at first. Learn about the different types of HVLP spray systems so you can make a purchase with confidence. ... READ MORE

Inlaid Flower Box

Home Project: When the weather turns cold, you can still add some colour and life to your home with this pint-sized flower box. ... READ MORE

Build a Bat House

Outdoor Project: Bats are unrivaled for controlling pests like mosquitoes and for both pollinating plants and dispersing seeds. This simple project will give them ... READ MORE

Build an Upholstered Foot Stool

Home Project: This easy-to-make project will teach you some basic upholstery techniques. It will also give you place to put your feet up after a busy day and read ... READ MORE

How to Build Solid Wood Countertops

Home Improvement: Solid wood counters have been around since the beginning of time, and for good reason, as this natural material has proven to be durable, resilie... READ MORE

Wave Cabinet

Finer Details: A random ‘wave’ pattern in wood is fairly easy to produce, and can be varied to suit your needs. With an assortment of tools and a sound... READ MORE

12 Tools to Start Building Fine Furniture

Shop Essentials: If you’re just getting into woodworking, deciding what hand tools to buy first can be a daunting task. Though the first 12 are on us, you wi... READ MORE