Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement

Tung Oil: Debunking the Myths

Wood Finishing: Take a closer look at this common finish; there are many things we can all learn about this ancient, and misunderstood, substance. ... READ MORE

Make a Simple Box with Inlay Using Hand Tools

Hand Tool Project: Many of the techniques used to make this box could be completed with machinery, but since this box was designed to teach people some basic hand ... READ MORE

Japanese Paper Lantern

Décor Project: This semi-circular lantern is an electrical version of a lantern style that was popularized in the orient around AD1600. Today, with its soft... READ MORE

12 Ways To Add Texture With Tools You Already Have

Shop Skills: If you can open your eyes to what else your tools can do, you will start to look at your cherished tool collection in a whole new light. ... READ MORE

Build an Electric Guitar - Without the Fancy Tools

Instrument Project: If you’ve ever thought of building an electric guitar but didn’t like the idea of needing a number of specialized tools, we’v... READ MORE

Wooden Wheel

Old Style: People love the look of old-style wooden wheels, but being able to make them is another thing. The challenge is that we no longer use the same met... READ MORE

Streamlined Workbench

Shop Project: A good workbench is one of the most important tools in a workshop. ... READ MORE

21st Century Writing Desk: Transform Simple, Straight Lines into an Elegant Flowing Form

Home Project: Although the design of this table may appear complicated, the construction is remarkably straightforward. Simple and reliable techniques make it easy... READ MORE

Walk the Plank

Marine Surveyor Thom Morand Makes Moisture ‘Walk the Plank'... READ MORE

Small Shop Essentials 2018

Small Shop Essentials: Woodworking products to help you tool your shop.... READ MORE

Hand Stitched Cabinet Maker’s Rasp

A superb 10" handmade Italian rasp.... READ MORE

Veritas Bench Chisels

Product News: For the past decade Lee Valley’s bench chisels had all the charm you’d expect from tools in an auto repair bay. Maybe it was the yel... READ MORE

Hand Planes

Hand Planes... READ MORE

A One-Car Garage & Shop

Shop Profile: A One-Car Garage & Shop... READ MORE

Reduce Dust from Your Lathe

Dust Collection: This article focuses on dust collection for the wood turner, however, any woodworker who works with the woods listed below should take the same pr... READ MORE

Inside-Out Ornament

Turning Project: You don’t have to tell your guests this delicate ornament was easier to make than Christmas dinner.... READ MORE


Furniture Styles: Defining furniture styles can be very difficult. Defining 'American Colonial' is a good example of just how difficult it can be. ... READ MORE

No-Hardware Drawer Pull

Router Tips: Have you ever wished that you could build a cabinet, cupboard or drawer, without using pull knobs, handles or other hardware that might not match your... READ MORE


Craft project: Making a dollhouse is much like building a conventional house – it takes time and patience. While there are a lot of pieces to this challengin... READ MORE

Make Your Own Baseboard

Home Improvement: If you’re looking for a unique look or a specific function from your baseboards, it might be best to make your own. Some basic shop tools &... READ MORE

Oscillating Spindle Sanders

Shop Tools: Whether sanding curves or straightening edges, look to the oscillating spindle sander for a smooth performance. ... READ MORE

Telephone Table

Furniture Project: This table is essentially a small cabinet held between four legs. It makes a great place to locate your telephone, and perhaps an accent lamp. ... READ MORE

Affective Woodworking

Wood Wisdom: Most woodworking projects are three dimensional and therefore present a multi-dimensional experience when we view them. They provide a different ... READ MORE

Build a Textured Tealight Holder

Weekend Project: This is the perfect project to introduce yourself to adding texture to wood. ... READ MORE

Artisan Rolling Pin

Weekend Project: Most rolling pins hang out in a drawer until it’s time to whip up a batch of pastry, but this eye-catching beauty is meant to be seen, even ... READ MORE


Furniture Project  ... READ MORE


Intarsia Project: The Laurentians is a vast region of Quebec known for its lakes, valleys and mountains. For the intarsia artist it provides countless design oppor... READ MORE

Red Oak Finish

Wood Finishing: There are few woods easier to finish than red oak. Whether you want it stained and sporting a bulletproof topcoat, or have its natural oak glow shi... READ MORE

Fancy Business Card Cases

Weekend Project: Make these fancy card-holders – by the dozen – and you’ll become a favourite woodworker among your family and friends. ... READ MORE

Gluing Techniques

Skill Builder: Gluing is critical to a project’s success. Sloppy gluing can lead to open joints, out-of-square corners, and lots more. At th... READ MORE

Carved Maple Leaf Doors

Finer Details: Removing some material to create textured maple leaves on solid wood door faces will add a simple, natural focal point to any piece of furniture. ... READ MORE

Ecopoxy Liquid Plastic

A clear, UV resistant, plastic-like finish that resists scratching and yellowing.... READ MORE

Small Shop Storage Solutions

Shop Storage: One of the most important aspects of organizing a shop involves storing all the machinery, tools and supplies you will be working with. Learn a numbe... READ MORE

Steven Kennard

Canadian Quotes: ...on the creative process, his barn shop and our “throw-away” society.... READ MORE

Craft a Curved Wall Cabinet

Heirloom Project: With curved sides, and scalloped, coopered panels on all exposed faces, the stunning details of this James Krenov-inspired cabinet can be en... READ MORE

Enhances, Penetrates, Protects, and Beautifies Your Outdoor Projects

Shop News: WOCA Denmark’s Exterior Oil is used for treatment and maintenance of new and previously oiled wood surfaces including decks, fences, garden f... READ MORE

Files & Rasps

Shop Essentials: Today's woodworker has many options for shaping and smoothing, and invariably the first tools that come to mind are usually powered. Rout... READ MORE

Build a Bat House

Outdoor Project: Bats are unrivaled for controlling pests like mosquitoes and for both pollinating plants and dispersing seeds. This simple project will give them ... READ MORE

Table Tops and Wood Movement

Wood Science: Most people have seen one form or another of failed table tops. Sometimes they crack down the middle. Sometimes they are so badly warped that they&rs... READ MORE

Tool Test

Tool Ratings... READ MORE

Small Shop Essentials 2017

Small Shop Essentials 2017: Woodworking products to help you tool your shop.... READ MORE

Woodworking Bench

Woodworkers’ Gallery: Warren Boese of Strathmore, Alberta built this traditional woodworking bench after contemplating the challenge for the last few years. ... READ MORE