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Know Your Tools: If you have trees on your property a chainsaw can be very handy to have around. Felling trees, trimming branches and cutting up fallen trees are a...READ MORE

Table Tops and Wood Movement

Wood Science: Most people have seen one form or another of failed table tops. Sometimes they crack down the middle. Sometimes they are so badly warped that they&rs...READ MORE

Scorpion Combo Jointer-Planer

Designed for Small Shops or Restricted Space...READ MORE

Joints for Beginner Woodworkers

Top 10: Joints are the cornerstone of just about every woodworking project. Learn the basics, then get fancy....READ MORE

Clamp Storage

Shop Project: Every woodworker loves clamps, but how should they be stored so they’re right beside each and every glue-up? In a dedicated storage rack on whe...READ MORE

Fastening - Grandpa’s Tool Kit Part VI

Circa 1900    ...READ MORE

Egg Puzzle

Wooden Puzzle ...READ MORE

Woodworking Solutions

Laguna Tools provides products that solve simple-to-complex woodworking issues.VISIT SITE

Design Time

Design...READ MORE

Japanese Paper Lantern

Décor Project: This semi-circular lantern is an electrical version of a lantern style that was popularized in the orient around AD1600. Today, with its soft...READ MORE

Rabbets, Dados and Grooves

Router Skills: Rabbets, dados and grooves are basic forms of joinery found in most woodworking projects. Learning to do them correctly will give your woodworking s...READ MORE

Domestic and Exotic Lumber and Veneer

Over 20,000 sq ft of fabulous exotic and domestic lumber, veneer, and sheet goods.VISIT SITE

Enter For Your Chance to WIN

Win some great new products, offered generously by our sponsors...READ MORE


Craft project: Making a dollhouse is much like building a conventional house – it takes time and patience. While there are a lot of pieces to this challengin...READ MORE

Jointing & Surfacing

Router Skills: Milling wide long stock on a six or eight inch jointer can be a real challenge. Here’s where you can rely on the versatility of your router. ...READ MORE

Battery-Powered String Trimmers

Tool Comparison: We take a look at the wide selection of battery-powered string trimmers between 36 and 58 volts that are on the market this spring. ...READ MORE

Power Carving Accessories

Carving and Sanding Attachments for Your Power Grinder.VISIT SITE

Learn to Work With Live-Edge Wood

Shop Techniques: Live-edge material is as unique as the tree from which it grew. It remembers and honours its past. Learn a few things about how to work with this ...READ MORE

CWI Machinery

Technically Advanced and Built to Out Perform.VISIT SITE

Dealing with Wood Movement

Skill Builder: Wood movement is inevitable. However, there are many design and building options to help a craftsman work with it – not against it. ...READ MORE

Cordless Chainsaws

Tool Comparison: Cordless power tools are improving in leaps and bounds, and they're no longer just for drills. We checked out everyone's favourite outdoor...READ MORE

Freud Tools

Premium Carbide Saw Blades, Drill Bits, and Router Bits.VISIT SITE

Make a Double-Sided Checker Board

Game Project: Whether you're relaxing by the lake, or having some quiet family time in your backyard, board games are great fun to have around. They're eve...READ MORE

Canada's Woodcrafters Supply House

Helping woodworkers and woodcrafters create since 1985, with a huge selection of related hardware, wood parts, and tools,VISIT SITE

Router Compass and Ellipse

Tool Review...READ MORE

Build a Bat House

Outdoor Project: Bats are unrivaled for controlling pests like mosquitoes and for both pollinating plants and dispersing seeds. This simple project will give them ...READ MORE

By Woodworkers, For Woodworkers

Quality, innovation and competitive prices in woodworking machinery.VISIT SITE

Saw Blade Specialists

Premium standard and specialty blades and dado sets for table and miter saws.VISIT SITE

Edge Tools and Sharpening Systems

High quality edge tools and edge tool related products, including Hultafors, Silky, Lowe, and Tormek.VISIT SITE

Canada's Tool Store Since 1954

Atlas MachineryVISIT SITE

A Pen Turner's Paradise

Canada's Premier One-Stop Shop For Pen Turning Supplies.VISIT SITE

King Canada Workshop Giveaway

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Resawing and Sanding Accessories

Innovative woodworking products from the makers of The Little Ripper and the Flatmaster Sander.VISIT SITE

A Young Man’s Enthusiasm

Community – St. Catherine’s: Meet a 21-year-old hobby woodworker, working out of his parents’ garage. ...READ MORE

Board & Batten Wood Siding

Home Improvement: Vertical wood siding is a time-proven, versatile, environmentally friendly, locally available option that requires minimal tools and equipment to...READ MORE

Tool Test

Tool Ratings...READ MORE

Lathes and woodturning tools

Great selection, great serviceVISIT SITE

Brettwood Machinery

Serving Central Ontario for over 35 yearsVISIT SITE

Tim Lee Cuts Through Obstacles

Canadian Woodworker...READ MORE

Build it Once

Home Improvement: 11 Tips for a Stronger, Longer Lasting Deck ...READ MORE


3D Intarsia: Making a lighthouse ...READ MORE

Thinning Finishes

Finishing Touch: Let’s clear up some of the issues around thinning common wood finishes. ...READ MORE

Folding Chair

Portable Project: Take your own chair with you when attending outdoor events. This fold-up chair is easy to carry and comfortable to sit on. ...READ MORE

Relief Carving

Carving Technique...READ MORE