18" FlatMaster Drum Sander from Stockroom Supply | Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement

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The winner is:
Ken Oates of Westbank, BC

The “V”-Drum Sander and Flatmaster Sanders have become favorites among cabinet makers, luthiers, segmented bowl turners, high school shops and just for the average hobbyist. It will sand anything that is flat or level something that you want to make flat. This is a very different drum sander than the traditional drum sander. Our V-drum and Flatmaster Drum sanders sand from the bottom up instead of the top down therefore eliminating sanding through the sawdust that has already been removed.
Everything is included with the sander except the motor.

"I am delighted with my FLAT MASTER SURFACE SANDER. It easily flattens a warped (twisted) board and you can then run it through the planer and it comes out even thickness."


GiveAway ended: 15th August, 2019

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