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A helpful accessory for accurately setting the cutting depth of router table bits and saw blades.

2-Axis Depth Gauge

2-Axis Depth Gauge

Accurately setting the routing depth and fence offset of a cutter on a router table, or the height of a table saw blade, can be frustrating and time consuming. Which is why you might want to consider the 2-Axis Depth Gauge from Valfor Tools.
The Gauge

The 2-Axis Depth Gauge consists of a plastic frame with two rotatable anodized aluminum feet, and a center mounted chrome plated brass measuring pin.

Pressure tab holds the pin in place

Depth adjustment is facilitated by moving the measuring pin up or down. The pin fits snugly in the plastic holder, but you can flick a pressure tab in the center of the holder to relieve pressure on the pin so that it moves freely. This makes it easier to make coarse adjustments to the pin.

The diameter of the pin is just under 1/4", which means that it fits 
in between the two cutters of a Tongue & Groove set. A convenience for anyone who makes cabinet doors on the router table.

Feet rotate

You can use this gauge in one of two positions – standing upright on it's feet, or placed horizontally on a work surface. When laid horizontally you can adjust the height of the measuring pin by rotating the feet.

While I found the gauge easy enough to use, the measuring pin could, stand some improvement. The scale etched on the measure pin is in 1/8" increments, which I find too coarse. The scale would be much more useful if it were in 1/16" increments. Additionally, the etched lines are difficult to see in all but perfect lighting conditions. In the end, I ended up not using the scale at all.

Setting the router fence offset

When I want to set the distance of the blade from the fence I begin by resting the gauge feet against the fence, and, using a ruler, set the measuring pin to the desired distance. This enables me to make very precise measurements.

Setting router bit height

I use the same approach referred to above to set the precise height of the router bit. Once you get the knack of things, the process goes very quickly – about 30 seconds.

Notwithstanding the issue around the scale on the measuring pin, this is a very handy accessory to have on hand. And, while it's primarily aimed at router table users, I found it works just as efficiently on the table saw.

I hope that Valfor Tools can find a Canadian distributor for the 2-Axis Depth Gauge, because the shipping charge is almost as much as the cost of the tool.

Valfor does make several other accessories that will be of interest to anyone who used a router, including the Groove Center (for positioning a router fence) and the Bit Vise (to hold router bits securely while cleaning or changing bit parts).


  • 7/8" x 4" x 5-1/8"
  • Plastic body
  • Anodized aluminum feet
  • Satin chrome finished brass pin
  • 0.245" pin diameter
  • 2-1/2" maximum depth measurement
  • 30-day money back guarantee

COMPANY:Valfor Tools
MODEL:2-Axis Depth Gauge
PRICE:$49.95 US (plus $33 shipping)
MADE IN:Taiwan
SOURCE:Valfor Tools
March 2015
Carl Duguay
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