2X Wood Vise

The 2X Wood Vise: The Fastest Threaded Workbench Vise on the Planet

2X Wood Vise

Game changing tool helps woodworkers build their projects in record time

ERIE, PA, 2019: If you’re a woodworker that has been pondering the idea of building your dream workbench but haven’t been able to settle on the proper work-holding vise to use, we have your answer. Lake Erie Toolworks is announcing immediate availability of the new 2X Wood Vise which is the largest wooden vise on the market, as well as the fastest threaded workbench vise on the planet – be it metal or wood.

This new tool is powered by a massive 3″ diameter (76mm) hard maple screw that has a 1 TPI (1 Turn Per Inch) double start thread movement with an action that can best be described as “jack rabbit fast” and “smooth as butter”. This makes for an amazing clamping system that can quickly and effectively hold your wooden boards while you craft your next masterpiece.

For additional details on this fantastic tool, visit LakeErieToolworks.com.

Thursday, April 18, 2019