3M Safety Gear (Safety Sunglasses, Hearing Protectors)

Essential gear when working in the shop or on a job site


3M Safety Gear (Safety Sunglasses, Hearing Protectors)

Working safely, at home, in the shop or on the job site, should be a number one priority with everyone. I've seen my share of minor and major accidents over the past thirty years, as well as having a couple of my own near misses. You can never be too careful, particularly when working with power tools and machinery.
3M has two new safety products that are worth looking at. Their Rivet Safety Sunglasses provide an effective, and cool looking first line of defense against flying objects that can cause serious eye damage in the blink of an eye.
These glasses meet CSA industrial safety standards Z94.3-92. The lenses feature a composite-coated barrier that resists scratches and provides optimum UV protection, while the streamlined durable nylon frames fit very snugly and comfortably.
There is a soft nose bridge, and air vents above the bridge, which further enhances their comfort, particularly in hot, humid weather. And, for the fashion conscious, you can get them in four colours: Furious Red (#90107-80025 ), Tranquil Blue (#90108-80025), Bold Bronze (#90115-80025) and Rugged Black (#90117-80025). The Rivet Safety Sunglasses come in a hard shell carry case.

There are all kinds of hearing protectors on the market, but for my money, the most effective are full-protection ear muffs, like 3M's AO Professional Ear Muffs.
These ear muffs provide superior hearing protection with a noise reduction rating (NRR) value of 27. A fully adjustable steel wire head band enables you to configure the ear muffs for a perfect fit, regardless of head size. The foam ear cushions provide an excellent seal over the ears, and are super comfortable to wear. I used them while running an impact hammer, and was impressed with how little I heard. I also found them very light.
Accidents happen, usually when we least expect them to occur. But you can dramatically reduce the chances of serious injury by taking simple, affordable precautions.

Soft nose bridge and air vents
Snug, comfortable fit


Rivet Safety Sunglasses
  • Composite coated lenses
  • Nylon frames
  • Soft nose bridge
AO Professional Ear Muffs
  • NRR 27
  • Adjustable head band
  • Foam ear cushions

AVAILABLE FROM:Tool, equipment or safety equipment suppliers nationwide
RETAIL PRICE:Rivet Safety Sunglasses - $29.99
AO Professional Ear Muffs - $31.99
MODEL #:none
Carl Duguay, November 2010
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