CutterShare Poised to Shake Up Solid Wood Industry


VANCOUVER, BC- The West Coast conjures up images of majestic forests, but you could be forgiven if you didn't associate it with the high-performance tooling needed to turn those trees into something beautiful. This year, that may start to change. 2018  marks the debut of CutterShare, a new business which has the potential to transform how woodworkers access shaper cutters, and greatly improve the level of craftsmanship across the industry- developed right here in Canada. 

It’s no secret that at present, woodworkers face a dilemma. An inexpensive cutter won’t cut to a craftsman’s standard of quality, nor will it have any long-term value; brazed edges change dimensions after sharpening, resulting in degraded joinery. A high-quality, engineered tool will deliver superior performance for a lifetime, but as any shaper owner knows, many specialized cutters end up collecting dust once the project they were purchased for is complete. 

CutterShare provides an elegant solution to this problem, allowing woodworkers to access the best-quality tools available for up to 90 days, at a fraction of the cost of purchase. Members enjoy the best of both worlds; the engineering and design of a premium cutter, at an affordable price. 

“Until now, woodworkers have had to make compromises. Their ideas were held back by their budgets,” says company founder Greg Godbout. “the craftsmanship and creativity has always been there. For me, that’s the exciting part. We’re removing the barrier that held many people back from realizing their goals.” 

Greg’s confidence in the ability of the individual craftsman comes from experience- as the head of Rangate, he and his team developed the tools in the CutterShare program over the last 10 years. The tools chosen for the program are the most common specialized cutters on woodworkers’ wish lists. Many of the tools even incorporate features originally suggested by clients. 

Like other sharing model businesses which have disrupted their industries by vastly increasing the efficiency of under-utilized resources, CutterShare is prepared for both rapid growth and a scramble to imitate their business model.  The difference which sets CutterShare apart is the commitment to “sharing”, rather than renting. The experience is designed so that sharing is not limited to the tools. Members are encouraged to share their experiences and advice after returning their tools. Together, members are building up a rich base of crowdsourced knowledge that forms the heart of a real community.
Wednesday, February 7, 2018