M.POWER Fasttrack

A Quick and Easy Way to Sharpen All Your Kitchen Knives.

M.POWER Fasttrack

M.POWER Fasttrack Knife Sharpener

PRICE:FastTrack + 220 Grit Stone: $39.95 US
FastTrack + 220 & 600 Grit Stones: $39.95 US
FastTrack + 220, 600 & 1000 Grit Stones: $59.35 US
Stone Size:1" x 3"
Sharpening Angle:17°
  • Use on a work surface or hand held
  • Consistent sharpening angle
  • Integrated leather strop
  • 6" diameter cut capacity
Weight:17.9 ounces
Warranty:5 years

Here is a quick and easy way to sharpen all your kitchen knives, along with some of your shop and outdoor knives. The new FASTTRACK sharpener (FTS) consists of a holder with a removable diamond sharpening stone held at a 17° angle. Integrated on one side of the FTS is a leather strop.

It's pretty simple to use. Depending on the condition of the blade you insert a 220, 600 or 1000 grit diamond stone into the FTS. I tried all the stones, and for general maintenance of my knives (which don't have any nicks in them) the 1000 grit stone works fine. The 220 grit would be for knives that have major nicks or whose bevel is shot to hell. The FTS gives a a sharpening angle of 17 degrees (for or an inclusive angle of 34 degrees), which is a common angle for kitchen knives. At this angle knives will cut well and not lose their edge too quickly.

The FTS can be used in two ways - upright with the holder standing on a solid surface, or vertically, with the leather strop on the down side. There are a couple of rare earth magnets embedded in the FTS that help to hold the blade at the correct angle. It really doesn't take long to get the knack of using the FTS.

I tried both sharpening methods, and I much prefer using the upright mode. My only caveat is that the foot isn't very large, so I have to be careful the FTS doesn't tip over in use. It only takes six or seven swipes across the stone on each side of the blade – depending of course on the condition of the blade.

There is a leather strop attached to one side of the FTS. I use it with some green honing compound that I have on hand to give a final polish to the blade. Worked like a charm.

If you don't have a blade sharpener, then the M.POWER Fasttrack might just be for you.


There are 220, 600 and 1000 grit stones to choose from

Stones slip easily into the holder

Six or seven swipes on each side of the blade and you're done

For an even sharper blade a bit of hone the blade on the leather strop

Quick, easy, effficient
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