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The revolutionary cordless-corded power tool solution that meets the power output demands on a jobsite.

Metabo MultiVolt

Metabo MultiVolt 7-1/4" Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw

The Metabo 36 Volt MultiVolt Cordless 7-1/4" Miter Saw is part of the MultiVolt power tool platform that offers the power of a corded tool, the freedom of a cordless platform and the choice to operate all MultiVolt tools with a battery OR plug into an outlet. It's Cordless, It's Corded, It's BOTH.
The MultiVolt cordless circular saw accepts a 36V battery OR plugs into an outlet with the AC Adapter. This unique platform changes what's possible on the jobsite by offering the power of a corded circular saw, the freedom of a cordless circular saw and the choice to operate all MultiVolt tools cordless OR corded.

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