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General Introduces the SMART Switch Dust Collector

SMART Switch Dust Collector

Introducing the “SMART Switch” Dual Action Switch Dust Collector. Dust collectors help minimize sawdust and other contaminants that are commonly generated by benchtop and stationary machinery, thereby simplifying the cleanup process and reducing debris in the workshop. When you turn the tool on you also have to remember to turn the dust collector on, which may be across the room. The NEW “SMART Switch” General Dual Action switch dust collectors allow you to plug the tool you are using directly into the collector and when you turn your tool on the dust collector will automatically turn on as well. Then when you turn off the tool the dust collector will run for an additional 8 seconds to collect that last little bit of dust and turn off as well. These collectors will offer a 115V tool plug in, 230V plug in or both depending on the units. On these new units GENERAL will also feature the collection bag snap in ring and a spark proof impeller to eliminate any chance of a dust explosion on all units. This dust collector comes in 1, 1 ½, 2, and 3 horsepowers.
Saturday, January 9, 2021