SONOpan Soundproofing

Eliminate unwanted noise with SONOpan’s Exceptional Soundproofing System

SONOpan Soundproofing

For renovations or new construction, SONOpan is the effective way to ensure a quieter environment.

LOUISEVILLE, QC – (2019) - Noise from your neighbours, your kids or even traffic can disrupt the peace and comfort of your home. Whether you live in a condo, townhouse or detached home, SONOpan soundproofing panels with NoiseStop Technology are the ideal solution for preventing  unwanted  noise from travelling through walls and ceilings.

Noise reduction is a significant issue in both single family and multi-family residences. It’s a problem that can be easily addressed with new construction but increasingly often, it’s the reason behind many home renovations.

Ben Flanagan, VP of Sales, says, “SONOpan provides a very practical and effective soundproofing solution for any room, home or building. The panels are lightweight and simple to install behind drywall. Sonopan is also environmentally-friendly and is 100% recyclable.”

SONOpan absorbs a wide range of frequencies and significantly reduces the transmission of sound and vibrations. Each lightweight panel is 4 by 8 feet (1.22 m by 2.44 m) and ¾-inch (19mm) thick. Constructed of 100% recycled wood fibre, Sonopan is made with no formaldehydes or VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

It’s easy to make noisy neighbours and noisy traffic a thing of the past with SONOpan soundproofing panels. No matter what your noise problem, Sonopan is the right soundproofing  solution for you.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019