Sherwin-Williams Refreshes Concrete & Masonry Products


Loxon, Conflex product lines refreshed to help pros find the best solution for any job

CLEVELAND (2018) — Sherwin-Williams has updated its concrete and masonry line to help make selecting the perfect product for every project even easier, while retaining formulas that pros can rely on. The new system consists of 19 Loxon and Conflex product solutions, conveniently color coded to specify each use. The updated approach offers a different look for the same trusted products.

“We know how important it is when bidding new concrete and masonry work to ensure the right coating for the job,” said Rick Watson, director of product and technical information at Sherwin-Williams. “All coatings in this category will now fall under either the Loxon or ConFlex brand, highlighting the renowned quality of Loxon with the abilities of ConFlex. By grouping the products under recognized, trusted brands, we aim to help busy pros address primary concerns such as direct-to-concrete applications, alkalinity and moisture protection and infiltration prevention.”

Loxon Direct-to-Concrete Applications
  • Preparation: Loxon Acrylic Block Surfacer, Loxon Concrete & Masonry Primer/Sealer, Loxon Acrylic Conditioner
  • Finishing: Loxon XP Waterproofing Masonry Coating, Loxon Water Blocking Primer/Finish, Loxon Self-Cleaning Acrylic Coating
  • Specialty: Loxon Vertical Concrete Stain, Loxon 40% Silane Water Repellant
ConFlex Proven Performance Lineup
  • Preparation: ConFlex Block Filler
  • Finishing: ConFlex XL Smooth High Build Acrylic Coating, ConFlex XL Textured High Build Acrylic Coating, ConFlex Acrylic Coating, ConFlex Flexible Concrete Waterproofer Smooth, ConFlex Flexible Concrete Waterproofer Textured, ConFlex Sherlastic Elastomeric Coating, ConFlex Ultracrete Acrylic Texture Coating, ConFlex UltraCrete Solvent Borne Smooth Coating, ConFlex UltraCrete Solvent Borne Texture Coating
  • Specialty: ConFlex 7% Siloxane Water Repellant
Preparation products will now be noted with a blue chevron at the top of the label, with finishing products in green and specialty products using purple. Sherwin-Williams concrete and masonry products are formulated to comply with the most stringent VOC regulations while providing maximum quality and durability.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018