The Workshop on Fogo Island

Woodworking Employment Opportunities in Newfoundland

The Workshop on Fogo Island

Starting in 2010, artists and designers from away were invited to come to Fogo Island to learn about the island, experience this powerfully elemental place, walk the landscape and most importantly, to meet and work with the men and women who make their lives here. These encounters resulted in collaborations on the design and production of the furniture, textiles and furnishings for the Fogo Island Inn and formed the genesis of the Woodshop on Fogo Island.

The Woodshop on Fogo Island continues and expands this collaboration into a brand new line of furniture and furnishings that are available for purchase and use beyond the shores of Fogo Island so that more people can enjoy these objects.

Since 2014 the Workshop has been producing and selling a wide range of furniture and woodworking products around the world.

The Workshop is currently looking for a Production Manager and a Furniture/Cabinet Maker to join their team.

These employment opportunities are open until November 4, 2019.
Wednesday, October 16, 2019