Virtual Flooring Designer

Beaulieu Canada Launches Its Virtual Flooring Designer

Virtual Flooring Designer

Acton Vale, Quebec (2019) — Beaulieu Canada is launching its Virtual Flooring Visualizer! This revolutionary tool allows the users to choose a floor covering style which can be visualized in preselected room scenes or in their own room pictures from anywhere, at any time.

The Virtual Flooring Visualizer provides a wide range of broadloom carpets, carpet tiles and hard surface floorings.

While the users are working on a project, they benefit from the following advantages:
  • Choose a room scene or upload a personal room picture;
  • Select any carpet (d.i. design for Peerless Contract) or hard surface style;
  • Change the flooring selection anytime;
  • And more!
Once the users have created an account, it is possible to save all projects whenever they want and on any kind of device. The Beaulieu Canada Virtual Flooring Visualizer is compatible with computers, smart phones and tablets. Once the project is final, the users can share it on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and email. The Virtual Flooring Visualizer will save a lot of time and will also help close projects in a timely manner as the users will be able to visualize the final result in a specific room very quickly. In the end, the users will be able to work with this service either in store or at home, thus improving the buying process of Beaulieu Canada’s products. The Virtual Flooring Visualizer is available right now on our four websites: Beaulieu Canada, Peerless, Your Home Style and Peerless Contract.

Taking the in-store experience to another level for sellers and customers Seal the deal with Beaulieu Canada’s Virtual Flooring Visualizer by showing in-store customers what their décors can look like if they purchase Beaulieu flooring.

Launching innovative design and coloration combined with accurate technical specifications is the key to our successful product offering.


Friday, January 25, 2019