Abranet Max Sanding Belts

Abranet Max, The Next Generation of Sanding Belts

Abranet Max

Abranet Max is a NET abrasive portable belt that provides efficient cut and stock removal. The tough aluminum oxide grain gives a high cut rate on harder wood types and other materials. The NET structure does not easily clog on resinous wood types or soft materials and stays cooler therefore avoids burning the sanded surface. The product offers an extremely long lifetime compared to conventional abrasive belts, which results in cost savings and time efficiency. 
The Abranet® sanding concept is a unique invention.
  • Saves time – less downtime in changing belts.
  • Saves money – net sanding products virtually eliminate clogging and, therefore, last longer than traditional paper products.
  • Practical – universal product for a wide variety of materials.
  • Easy to use – the belt has no arrows for direction on the backside, which means it can be run in both directions.
  • Perfect finish – the unique net construction characteristics create a finer scratch pattern resulting in a better surface finish.
  • Cool Cut – the net structure offers a cool cut which minimises the risk of overheating the sanded surface or burning the belt.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016