Accuride 116RC

Accuride Shatters the Mold with Revolutionary 116RC Linear Track System

Accuride 116RC Linear Track System

Accuride’s new heavy-duty track system brings innovation to linear movement and reliability to the sliding door market.
Santa Fe Springs, CA -- Staying true to the tagline of Always Moving Forward, Accuride has released another breakthrough exemplifying the brand's reputation for strength and dependability. Introducing the 116RC, an all-new heavy-duty linear track system that carries loads up to 793 lbs.
This ADA-compliant system uses 7-inch re-circulating ball carriages inserted within an aluminum track to deliver smooth sensorial movement. The 116RC is terrific for movable walls in micro-living spaces, museum and gallery storage, and sliding entryways.
Benefits include:
  • Smooth, ADA-compliant movement
  • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant design
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance, long lifespan
  • Customizable and flexible installation
Available in 94.5- and 142-inch lengths, the 116RC's tracks can be cut or butted together to fit almost any application. Each track supports multiple carriages, and can be installed in many orientations. For more design flexibility, an optional Door Mounting Kit is available to be used on sliding entryways.
Aluminum tracks and carriages are light and corrosion-resistant. Customers can choose from polymer (for quiet movement) or stainless-steel bearings (for greater loads) inside the ball carriages. The 116RC is tested for 100,000 yards of travel, assuring a long product lifespan.
“We are proud to deliver the ADA-compliant 116RC,” said Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Sid Kalantar, “It brings an extra layer of convenience and safety to any application onto which it is installed.”

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017