Arbortech Ball Gouge

Arbortech Ball Gouge With Self Sharpening Technology

Arbortech Ball Gouge

Arbortech adds to its Woodworking Collection 
Arbortech is excited to announce the launch of a new product - the Ball Gouge. A spherically shaped woodworking attachment engineered to give woodworkers free form, access and control in all woodworking projects. 
Arbortech has announced the release of its latest woodworking product – the Ball Gouge. A  30mm spherical ball on a 90mm extended arm that attaches to standard 100mm & 115mm (4" and 4-1/2") angle grinders.   Every free form woodworker, wood sculptor or wood turner around the world, who seeks the ability to sculpt with texture, make small spherical shapes or just remove wood in a delicate fashion, can now do just that. The key to the technology is in the engineered design – perfectly balanced to achieve excellent control unlike any other attachment tool on the market.  

Key Features Include: 

Self Sharpening Technology

The ring shaped blade is unique not only in appearance but also in function. When in use and in contact with wood, the ring will automatically sharpen itself. While one side of the ring cuts, the opposite side of the ring is polished (see FIG.2). By simply loosening and rotating the ring to the freshly sharpened side the same action repeats – the blade is self sharpening. The life of the cutting component is more than doubled by the sharpening and rotatable features.  
Anti-Grab Technology

Yes folks, we have invented “Anti-Grabity” Technology! The engineered design provides exceptional control. The technology helps prevent digging and grabbing commonly seen in other tools; instead the Ball Gouge gently bounces out. This allows for two things – 1) better control over the depth and look of one’s woodworking project and 2) it is ideal for creating an interesting, dimpled, chisel-like texture when moved across a wooden surface.  

Other features include
  • Carve smooth hollows in wooden spoons, small bowls  
  • Ideal for small to medium free hand sculpting 
  • Easily hollow out & undercut 
  • Carve in any direction 
  • Can handle up to a speed of 12,000 RMP making it the most efficient and high performance tool of its caliber on the market 
  • Manufactured in Australia 
  • Suits 4” & 4 ½ “ Grinders 
  • Spindle 5/8 
Pricing & Availability 

Arbortech will launch the Ball Gouge in the USA and Canada in early October. It will be available online from and from selected retailers. Pricing will start from $109.00. For more information customers can visit or subscribe to the Woodworking Club for announcements at
Tuesday, August 15, 2017