Autoloading 6 Bit Screwdrivers

An ingenious pump action system makes these screwdrivers quick and easy to use.

Autoloading 6 Bit Screwdrivers

Autoloading 6 Bit Screwdrivers

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that there are hundreds of different styles of screwdrivers on the market. They are certainly one of the most widely used hand tools on the planet. Canadian-based Sicom Industries is the maker of these unique autoloading screwdrivers. There are three models - the Autoloader Classic, the Autoloader II, and the Autoloader Precision.

Top to Bottom: Classic, Autoloader II, and Precision   
All three drivers have hexagonal impact resistant ABS plastic handles that won't roll around on a work bench, and provide good grip. The handle on the Autoloader II is lightly textured, which I found had a slightly more comfortable grip.
The Classic has a 1-11/32" diameter handle, while the Autoloader II handle is slightly larger, at 1-15/32". Both are 7-1/2" long overall (with bit retracted).
The Precision is a pocket sized driver, with a handle diameter of just under 1", and only 5-1/2" long.
The Autoloader use an ingenious pump action mechanism - hold onto the blue rotating collar with one hand; retract the handle; rotate the handle to select one of 6 available bits; and then push the handle to expose the bit. It works super fast.

When storing the Autoloader in a tool box you don't want the bit exposed. There is a neat feature called 'The Bump'. When a bit is exposed, retract the handle, and then smartly 'bump' the end of the handle with the palm of your hand, forcing the handle up over the bit chamber. The bit will remain in the chamber.

Chrome plates barrel and blue rotating collar
The barrels are made of chromed steel and have a magnet inserted into the bit holder. At the base of the barrel is a rotating plastic collar that enables you to turn the driver to make precise adjustments.

 The bit chamber    
Grabbing onto the rotating collar and pulling it forward exposes the bit chamber. Inside the chamber are six driver bits.

The optically clear bit chamber     

The optically clear bit chamber is made of a 1/16" thick high impact chemical and shock resistant plastic. In bright light it's fairly easy to see the bits in the chamber, which makes it a snap to find the bit you need. In less than ideal lighting the bits are more difficult to distinguish.

Bit markers, and a thumb rest on the Classic model (at top)           
There is a bit alignment marker on the handle that helps you line up the handle with the selected bit. I found it work well, though it would have ben nice if the marker wasn't the same colour as the handle. On the Classic model (as on the Precision model) is a thumb rest, which I quite liked. Unfortunately it's not included on the Autoloader II handle.

Bits are easily removed    
The six industrial-quality bits are hardened to Rc58. Bits for the Classic and Autoloader II are standard sized 1/4" x 1" hex shanked bits. Which means you can replace them with bits of your choice. The Precision model uses 5/32" hex bits; finding replacement bits can be more challenging.
McFeely's has a limited selection of square bits.

Bit selection is as follows:
ModelBits Included
ClassicSlotted 1/2", 3/16", 1/8"; Phillips 1, 2, 3
Autoloader IISlotted 1/4", 3/16"; Phillips 1, 2; Robertson 1, 2
PrecisionSlotted 1/8", 5/32", 3/32"; Phillips 0, 00, 000

These Autoloader screwdrivers are made of high quality components, and their ingenious pump action system makes it quick to select the right bit for the job at hand. At just under $20 they represent good value in a screwdriver.
Autoloader screwdrivers are licensed by several brands, including Craftsman and Mastercraft.


  • 3 models to choose from
  • Impact resistant ABS plastic
  • Hexagonal handles resist rolling
  • Rotating front collar for precise adjustments
  • Magnetic bit holder
  • Unique pump action bit delivery system
  • Optically clear bit chamber
  • Industrial-quality bits hardened to Rc58 
COMPANY:Sicom Industries
MODEL:Autoloader Classic
Autoloader II
Autoloader Precision
PRICE:Classic: $19.95
Autoloader II: $24.99
Precision: $14.99
MADE IN:Autoloader II: Canada
Classic & Precision: Offshore
SOURCE:Dealer Locator
Lowes Canada

Carl Duguay
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