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A display of fine craftsmanship and a wonderful testament to the creative process.

Bartram's Boxes Remix Review

Bartram's Boxes Remix

John Bartram was an 18th century explorer and botanist based in Philadelphia. He sold seeds and plants of various North American species to collectors in Europe. These were packed in self-made boxes for trans-Atlantic shipment. This 'seed business' lasted three generations, and eventually the Bartram estate was taken over by the City of Philadelphia in 1891. Today it's a US national historic landmark house and garden, managed by the John Bartram Association.

In 2010 a severe storm felled a large number of trees in the Bartram estate. This led to a collaboration between the Bartram Association, and the Center for Art in Wood in Philadelphia to use the wood from the felled trees to create works that express the botanist's voice and dedication.

The resulting work by some forty crafts people and artists, and thirteen types of trees felled in the storm, is displayed in the wonderful book "
Bartram's Boxes Remix".
The participants in this novel initiative – some individually, others collectively – have interpreted (i.e.. "remixed") the history, inspiration, and material from the Bartam gardens into a range of functional and artistic woodworking, turned, and sculptural pieces.

The photography in this book is excellent, and the commentary by both the makers and curators offers a window into the inventive mind of highly creative people.

As well as a display of fine craftsmanship, the pieces presented in this book are a wonderful testament to the creative process. If you're looking for some compelling inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, then you'll want to get your hands on a copy of this book.
Benn Colker, collectors boxes
Joshua Salesin, nut case with turned palm nuts and seed pods
Don Miller and Christopher Storb desk and turned vessels
Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Recycling Into Art
  • Bartram Boxes and Plant Exchange in the Eighteen Century
  • Catalogue of the Exhibition
  • Index of the Artists

PUBLISHER:Schiffer Publishing
AVAILABLE FROM:Your local bookseller or online
FORMAT:Hardcover, 175 pages
AUTHOR:The Center for Art in Wood

Carl Duguay
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