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Behr 2015 Colour Trends

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Behr Paints Introduces 2015 Colour Trends Featuring Four Eye-Catching Themes and 20 Capitaving Hues
Vibrant Collection Highlights Top Trends to Inspire DIYers to Create Their Dream Home
(September 17, 2014 – Calgary, Alberta) – Behr Paints announces their 2015 Colour Trends with 20 all-new exclusive paint colours and four inspirational design styles. Influenced by the pleasure and emotion colour evokes, Behr empowers its consumers to create rooms that are balanced, stylish and inviting.  By providing an extensive range of captivating colour palettes, Behr’s new trends offer creative inspiration to help consumers coordinate different colours and tones to maximize the level of energy they wish to convey in each living space. Wall colours can be dramatic or ethereal, energetic or relaxed. These wall colours can be beautifully complemented by colours in furnishings, textiles and decor objects for harmonious results.
“Colour itself is like one of the senses, enhancing our world and our state of mind,” said Erika Woelfel, Director of Colour Marketing for Behr Paints.  “Behr’s 2015 Colour Trends will help consumers pick the right colour for their projects while providing a glimpse of how rooms appear in different tones.”
Using this inspiration, Behr Paints has identified four on-trend themes with 20 all-new paint colours:
Using this inspiration, Behr Paints has identified four on-trend themes with 20 all-new paint colours:
Deep Dreams: An invitation to a tranquil escape into a dreamy, mythical landscape, Dark Dreams features serene colours like teal, charcoal and eggplant that offer an oasis of relaxation in a bedroom. Balance is created with white trim, gold metallic and pops of citron yellow in the decor accessories. Lush layers of patterned textiles invite fuchsia, bright green, and purple into the mix.
Corresponding BEHR® Paint Colours include:
Liaison T15-1
Seared Gray T15-2
Essential Teal T15-3
Your Majesty T15-4
Heritage Oak T15-5
Frosted Pastels: An open look at how pastels create stimulating environments when combined with zesty bright accents, the contrast of pastel and striking accents is balanced by touches of mauve and black found on floor stencils, fireplace tile and window treatments.
Corresponding BEHR Paint Colours include: 
Dreamscape Gray T15-6
Secret Blush T15-7
Elusive Blue T15-8
Dandelion Tea T15-9
Social Brights: A refined balance of brights and neutrals, lighter and darker colours, Social Brights features pure blue, red, purple and orange that feel energetic, draw attention and create a lively place for conversation.  Shades of grey are the perfect balance on adjoining walls, trim or ceiling.  Other intense hues make playful accompaniments in small decorative accessories for tabletop and shelving displays.
Corresponding BEHR Paint Colours include:
Clarified Orange T15-10
Sonic Blue T15-11
Graphic Grape T15-12
Prime Purple T15-13
Super Hero T15-14
Plastic Lime T15-15
Nuanced Neutrals: A spotlight on weathered, rustic colours, the hallmark of today’s mid-range neutral palette, Nuanced Neutrals features dusty aqua panelling and light tan walls, the casual companions of charcoal, lively copper and citrus orange accents.
Corresponding BEHR Paint Colours include: 
Blue Clay T15-16
Mocha Foam T15-17
Snap Pea Green T15-18
Mulberry Wine T15-19
Peach Preserve T15-20
From the sweet charm of pastels, to the comfortable ambience of neutral tones, to the dare and majesty of deep and bright tones, Behr Paints has pulled together trends to capture the balance needed to create inviting, inspiring and dramatically transformed rooms.  First, to keep pastel rooms from feeling overly sweet, a pop of bright colour and dark accents add dimension and create an airy, feminine appeal.  Touches of dusty earth tones ensure neutral rooms create a marriage of function and comfort.  For deep and hued rooms, layers of colour and texture in furniture, window treatments and other accessories add volume and interest, and rich patterns in textiles allow accent colours to shine.  Finally, brights are used sparingly and balanced with lighter or darker colours to create a refined yet lively look. 
Each original trend is showcased with a room image that embodies the theme, and includes a selection of diverse in-vogue colours.  The Behr 2015 Colour Trends brochure can be found in stores and includes detailed decor themes plus design and decorating tips to help consumers visualize each space.  Additionally, an online video brings the themes to life.