Benchmade 916 Triage Rescue Knife

Essential gear for anyone involved in emergency medical services, or enforcement and safety services

Benchmade 916 Triage Rescue Knife

Benchmade 916 Triage Rescue Knife

The Benchmade 916 Triage is a light, mid-sized, special purpose utility, or rescue, knife. It's specifically designed for the needs of those involved in emergency medical services (paramedics, medical technicians, search and rescue personnel, and so forth), and enforcement and safety services (policing, fire fighting, animal control officers and the like).
The 916 will also appeal to outdoor enthusiasts, campers, sailors, gardeners, and others who are looking for a knife that can be used in emergency situations and for general purpose cutting.
The 916 comes in a range of 8 different blade and handle configurations. All versions include a knife, safety hook and glass breaker.
Overall, the 916 weighs just under 6 ounces, and measures just over 1/2" thick and barely 5" long when closed. With blade extended it measures 8-1/4". It's light weight and slim design make the 916 convenient and easy to carry around all day long.

The fabric bag seems out of place considering who will likely be using this knife   
Benchmade includes a black fabric bag with the 916, which seems at odds with the intended users of the knife. Considering this is a premium took, I would have expected Benchmade to include a proper sheath. Fortunately, they have a selection of poly-ballistic nylon sheaths available in the $10 to $15 range.

G10 laminate handles provide excellent grip and are just about indestructible   

The handles on the 916 are made with G10 laminate. Layers of fiberglass are soaked in resin, and then highly compressed and baked. This makes them impervious to moisture and most liquids, and able to withstand extreme temperatures. The liners (on either side of the blade) are made of 420J stainless steel, which contains a high chromium content, providing both corrosion and wear resistance.
The lightly textured surface provides a superior grip, particularly when your hands are wet.

Ribbed fingers 
Location of ribbed finger grips
Milled into the liners at four positions along the outside edge of the 916 are ribbed thumb and finger grips that serve to enhance your hold on the knife.
You'll find an excellent 2-1/4" belt clip that can be positioned on either side of the 916 - it easily slips onto a belt and has excellent retention.
There is also a 1/8" diameter hole on the end of the knife through which you can attach a lanyard.

(A) blade thumb stud, (B) blade lock release, (C) safety cutter thumb stud,
(D) glass breaker, (E) lanyard hole
 (A) blade thumb stud, (B) blade lock release, (C) belt clip
Benchmade has what is probably the best lock and deployment system - the AXIS feature. To open the knife or the safety cutter you simply press your thumb against one of the steel thumb studs. It doesn't take much pressure, as a coil spring fully extends the blade for you. It operates as smooth as silk. Once open the blade is locked firmly into position. Lefties will appreciate that the 916 is ambidextrous.

Use thumb stud to flick blade open - blade opens smoothly and quickly  

Depress blade lock release with thumb, and then close blade with forefinger      

To close the blade you pull downwards on a stainless steel lock release, and then use your thumb or forefinger to close the blade. It's almost impossible to cut yourself opening and closing the blade.

15° bevel on one side of the blade 
The is no bevel on the opposite side
The blade is made of N680 stainless steel, a chromium-molybdenum blend with the addition of vanadium and nitrogen, which provides superior corrosion resistance. Tempered to RC57-59 it has excellent edge retention, yet is reasonably easy to sharpen.
The 916 has a unique blade design. There is no point on the tip, a very gently curve to the cutting edge, with the spine of the blade curving down to meet the cutting edge. The lack of a pointed tip makes it safer to use for emergency personnel. The opposing bevel grind makes the blade easier to slip under clothing, ropes, seat belts and the like. One side of the cutting edge is beveled at 15°, while the other has no bevel - much like a marking knife - which makes for a stronger blade.

Safety cutter opens the same way the blade opens - with the thumb stud  

The safety cutter, which is made of 440C steel, is about 2" long and has a 1" ultra sharp hook. 440C is a high-chromium stainless steel that offers a balance of hardness, corrosion resistance, and easy resharpening. It opens the same way as the blade opens, but has a slip-joint lock. There is an audible clicking sound when it snaps into place. It stays firmly in place when opened and doesn't require much thumb pressure to close it.
Even though this knife is likely to be of specific interest to emergency services personnel it will still come in handy for campers, hikers, sailors, and anyone else for severing cords, ropes and the like.

Carbide glass breaker     
The carbide glass breaker is barely perceptible, but according to Benchmade, does a smashing good job. I didn't feel like testing it on my truck window, or the local Telus phone booth, but did try it on a sheet of tempered glass that came off a coffee table. Worked like a charm.
The Benchmade Triage 916 is a superb special purpose knife, which should provide years of reliable service. Emergency and safety professionals in particular, will appreciate the high quality components used in this knife, the easy of blade opening and closing, and the two specialty accessories - safety cutter and glass breaker. Outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes, along with sailors, gardeners, and others looking for a premium general purpose cutting knife that can also be used in emergency situations will want to have a look at this knife. The 916 certainly confirms the saying that 'price is what you pay, quality is what you get'.


  • 4-7/8" (closed), 8-1/4" (open)
  • 3-3/8" Tanto style blade
  • 1/8" thick blade
  • 17/32" handle thickness
  • 2" hook-shaped safety cutter
  • Carbide glass breaker
  • N680 steel main blade (chromium-molybdenum stainless steel)
 440C steel cutter blade (high-chromium stainless steel)
  • G10 (fiberglass resin) textured handles with stainless steel liners
  • Reversible belt clip
  • AXIS® locking mechanism
  • Ambidextrous thumb-stud opener
  • 5.10 oz weight
  • Includes fabric bag
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Manufacturer:Benchmade Knife Company
Available From:Shop Online
Retail Price:$170.00
Model #:916
Made In:USA

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