BernzOmatic QUICKFIRE Hand Torch

High intensity flame and ease of use make this a welcome addition to shop or tool box


BernzOmatic QUICKFIRE Hand Torch

BernzOmatic makes a variety of torches, including the Trigger Start Hose Torch, which I reviewed last year. It's an excellent torch, and one that I've used on a number of occasions since completing the review. One of its strong features is an instant on/off igniter. Press a button, and whoosh, there's the flame. What I didn't like about the Trigger Start Torch was its cumbersome 5 foot hose. It's awkward and has a tendency to get caught up around things when you're working in tight spaces.
The new BernzOmatic QUICKFIRE Hand Torch (BZ9400QFK) is a completely new torch design with some very nice features. BernzOmatic has done away with the hose and styled the torch so that it looks much like a drill/driver. The controls are right where you would expect them to be, on the handle. The head of the torch consists of the burn tube and the fuel control knob. The fuel cylinder is housed in the base of the torch, where you would find the battery on a drill/driver. The cylinder attaches to the torch with a quarter turn quick connect feature rather than a conventional threaded connector.
Apart from the burn tube, everything on this torch is made of an impact resistant ABS plastic. Coupled with a mini-cylinder (just over 3" high) this is likely the lightest and most compact torch on the market.

Trigger and lock-on button
Fuel adjustment knob
I love the design of the QUICKFIRE; it feels much more natural than a hose torch, and it's much easier to direct the burn tube exactly where you want the flame to be. With the tank housed in the body of the torch, and serving as the base, you can set it down on any flat, level surface without it falling over.

Quick connect feature
Mini 'MAP-Pro' cylinder
The burn tube is about 1/2" diameter, and has a unique 'ultra swirl' feature. According to BernzOmatic, you can expect a hotter flame that enables you to solder 30% faster than with their Trigger Start torch. If you're a plumber then 30% over a year is a lot of time and money. The hotter flame is not entirely due to the design of the torch; this torch uses BernzOmatic's Max Power Propylene (MAP-Pro) fuel, a mixture of propane and propylene gases. It burns at 3,600°F (compared to 3,450°F for propane).

Ultra Swirl tip within the burn tube 
 Hotter flame = quicker soldering
The fuel control knob was a bit wonky on the unit I tested. It takes 3 full turns of the fuel control knob to go from 'off' to 'full flow'. However, you need to turn the knob a full two and a half turns for the flame to ignite. You can then turn the knob backwards if you want to decrease flame size/intensity. If you let go of the trigger, you'll need to readjust the control knob again. Anyway, It works fine if you always leave it at maximum flame intensity (which I typically do).
The instant on/off trigger works perfectly. The great thing about this is that you don't waste much fuel - as soon as you're done you release the trigger and the flame goes out. There is also a lock-on button so you can remove your finger from the trigger and still keep the flame burning.

You'll want to conserve that fuel, because the MAP-Pro cylinder is small, containing only 5.25 ounces of fuel (compared to 16.9 ounces for the BernzOmatic FatBoy propane or Propylene cylinders). Pricewise, there is quite a difference as well; the little MAP-Pro cylinder costs $9.99, the FatBoy Propylene cylinder costs $10.99 (and a FatBoy propane cylinder is only $3.99). Even accounting for a 30% hotter burn, the MAP-Pro cylinder seems over-priced. Unfortunately, you can't used FatBoy cylinders on the QUICKFIRE. I would have been willing to sacrifice a bit more weight and a longer base on the QUICKFIRE to be able to use the larger FatBoy cylinders.
DIYers will love the new BernzOmatic QUICKFIRE Hand Torch (BZ9400QFK) for its simplicity and ease of use, tradespeople will love its high intensity flame and ultra portability.



  • 10-3/4" high
  • Instant on/off trigger
  • Quick connect cylinder
  • Lock-on button
  • Adjustable flame control
  • 3,600°F flame

AVAILABLE FROM:Tool and equipment suppliers nationwide
Carl Duguay, March 2010
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