BernzOmatic Trigger Start Hose Torch

Convenient to use for tradesperson or avid DIYers


BernzOmatic Trigger Start Hose Torch

There are a number of features that distinguish the new BernzOmatic Trigger Start Hose Torch from other torches on the market. The BernzOmatic torch has a very comfortable handle, and an instant on and off trigger igniter conveniently located on the bottom of the handle, effectively providing for one-handed operation. Which, of course, means no matches or spark lighters. The burn tube is stainless steel, and you can easily size the flame for specific applications by means of a fuel control knob located on top of the regulator. As well, there is a lock button located ahead of the trigger so that you don't have to constantly depress the trigger. The torch produces a high swirl flame.

The solid brass regulator is pressure regulated so that the torch will burn steadily regardless of the direction in which it is pointed.
There is a fuel cylinder holster that clips securely onto a belt, keeping the cylinder out of the way, yet within easy reach. A stainless steel burn tube holder is sewn into the fabric holster, so that you don't have to worry about scorching the holster with a hot burn tube.

The BernzOmatic comes with the longest hose of any torch, a full 5 feet. This makes it very convenient when you need to get into tight, restricted areas. Unfortunately the hose has a tendency to flop around when the torch is inserted into the holster, creating somewhat of a hazard when working in confined spaces. Wrapping the hose around the fuel cylinder helps keep it out of the way. Perhaps a swivel coupling attaching the hose to the regulator would help tame the hose.

You can use propane, propylene (aka propene), or even MAP gas with this torch. For general heating and bending, and for most copper pipe soldering, propane is the right choice. It burns at around 3,450° F. Propane is probably the best choice for most woodworkers (heating a bending iron, smoothing the edges of cut plexiglas or Lexan, loosening rusted nuts or bolts).
Propylene burns hotter, at around 3,600° F; choose it when working with copper piping larger than 3/4" diameter, or when you need a hotter flame. BernzOmatic sells a 17 oz FatBoy Max Power Propylene cylinder. The FatBoy is about 20% larger than a standard 14 oz propane cylinder, and somewhat more expensive.
The nice thing about these cylinders, is that they are recyclable, as opposed to the standard propane cylinders (because of the residual gas that remains in the cylinder).There is a green pin in the cylinder cap. When the tank is empty you pop the key out of the cap and then insert the green pin into the cylinder, where it will lock into place. The pin is designed to let any left over gas escape, and to indicate to recyclers that the cylinder is no longer a hazard.
The BernzOmatic Trigger Start Hose Torch has a great set of features and should be on the short list for any tradesperson or serious DIYer. Anyone who needs a torch for a one off job, or for small projects around the home or shop would be just as well served with a standard propane torch.


  • 5 foot hose
  • solid brass regulator
  • fuel cylinder holster with stainless steel burn tube
  • instant-on/off trigger igniter
  • adjustable flame control knob
  • lock button
  • 3 pounds (with propane canister attached)

AVAILABLE FROM:Tool and equipment suppliers nationwide
Carl Duguay, March 2010
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