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The best parallel clamp in the world just got ….easier to use!


The best parallel clamp in the world just got better! How? By listening to you and building in features that provide the solutions you asked for.

With secure clamping up to 1700 lbs, the new K BODY REVOlution (KRE) is designed to clamp at 90 degrees to the rail with very large clamping surfaces. The ergonomic two part handle includes a steel socket that allows one to apply clamping force using a hex key. While this helpful feature was designed for ease of clamping, it does allow one to provide more clamping force and is particularly helpful for those with wrist strength issues.

The operating jaw has undergone some evolutionary changes as well. Position it where you want and start clamping. The easy set up allows one to position the operating jaw where you want and, it will stay put during set up. Three removeable pressure caps allow for easy cleaning and, the two work piece supports prevent the work piece from contacting the rail. A removeable end clip allows set-up for spreading.

The K BODY REVO Vario (KREV) enjoys all the same great features as its fixed jaw cousin but, the KREV models have an adjustable fixed jaw which can be moved at the press of a button. When positioned in the centre of the work piece, the weight can be evenly distributed to avoid unbalanced set-up.

If you know clamps, you know BESSEY. You know our reputation for quality and reliability; you know we’re more than 125 years of German engineering backed by the strength of our product and our reputation.

2 x 24” clamps
2 x 40” clamps
4 x KP Blocks


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