Black & Decker Gyro 4V Rechargeable Screwdriver

An innovative light-duty screwdriver that will be of particular interest to anyone who has problems holding conventional power tools


Black & Decker Gyro 4V Rechargeable Screwdriver

A gyroscopes is a device that measures or maintains orientation based on the principles of angular momentum. You can read all about this technology on Wikipedia.
Most recently we've seen this technology used on smartphones and tablet computers, which, for example, enables these devices to measure angles. 
The technology is transparent to the user. Inside the B&D Gyro, just ahead of the lithium-ion battery, is the gyroscope. The only clue that this is a different kind of rechargeable screwdriver is that there isn't a conventional trigger. Instead, at the back of the handle is a flat power paddle - you simply press the palm of your hand against the paddle, and then rotate your wrist to the right or left. Wrist rotation activates the gyroscope, which in turn signals the motor to begin turning.

The innards, L to R: digital control card, lithium-ion battery, gyroscope, motor
The greater the angle at which you rotate your wrist the faster the motor turns - which is how you control the variable speed for this driver. I found that it didn't take very long to get the knack of controlling speed, which runs from 0 to 180 RPM.

Super bright light 
When you depress the power paddle the LED work light comes on. It's quite bright, easily illuminating the work area.

Power supply
The B&D Gyro comes with a power supply - you can leave the screwdriver indefinitely connected to the power supply so that the driver will remain constantly fully charged.
It also comes with two driver bits - a #2 Phillips and a 1/4" flat head. A storage bag would be a nice addition so that you could keep everything neatly tucked away in a drawer or tool box.
The B&D Gyro is meant to be used as a screwdriver. Because of the low torque and speed you'll be limited to small diameter, short screws. However I did use it to drill some 1/8" holes in 3/4" plywood and to drill holes in drywall. Slow (especially in the ply), but doable.

A clever device 
The B&D Gyro is a clever little device, that should appeal to anyone who isn't particularly into power tools, but wants an easy-to-use power screwdriver. No steep learning curve - just press and turn. I think that this screwdriver will also appeal to anyone who has difficulty using conventional power tools, for example someone with arthritis in the hands or missing digits.



  • 4V Max lithium-ion battery (nominal voltage is 3.6)
  • 0 - 180 RPM
  • 1/4" hex chuck
  • LED work light
  • 2 year warranty
  • Includes: (1) charger, (2) driver bits

MANUFACTURER:Black and Decker
AVAILABLE FROM:Tool and equipment suppliers nationwide

Carl Duguay, August 2012
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