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A lightweight free-standing stick vac that delivers up to 55 minutes of runtime in low power mode and does a great job on both carpets and hard flooring.

Black & Decker Powerseries Extreme Pet Cordless Stick Vac

Black & Decker Powerseries Extreme Pet Cordless Stick Vac

The Black & Decker Powerseries Extreme Pet is one of the the least expensive stick vacs. It's also one of the lightest in overall weight, and the only one that is free-standing. The motor is inline with the wand, the dust bin sits atop the motor, and the handle is at the back of the motor. I found this arrangement comfortable, not placing a lot of stress on my wrist.

The power selector and roller on/off buttons are easily accessibly with your thumb. You can turn the roller off when vacuuming hard floors - which makes the vac run somewhat quieter. In low power mode the Black & Decker is reasonably quiet (63 decibels). The noise level averages around 70 decibels in high power mode.

The Black & Decker is equipped with a 20 volt (18 volt nominal), 2Ah battery that delivers 40 watt-hours of power. And of course, you can use this battery on any other Black & Decker cordless tool you may have.

Battery life is good - 55 minutes on low power (with the roller off). I got almost 15 minutes of runtime on high power, ample time to clean my 950 square foot test area. The Black & Decker did a great job on both carpets and hard flooring. I found the vac well balanced, easy to manoeuvre around furniture, and I was overly impressed at how clean the roller was after cleaning the floor - much better than vacs that have a conventional bristle roller.

If you're looking for an economical stick vac and don't need a HEPA filter, then this Black & Decker just might fit the bill.

Black & Decker

Powerseries Extreme Pet
Model: BSV2020P
Price: $219.00
Where to buy
► On e of the least expensive
► Light in weight
► Bright LED floor lights
► Freestanding
► Roller off switch


The streamlined head is just over 3-3/4 pounds in weight. It's well balanced and I didn't find it overly heavy or awkward when using it as a hand vac. The head is easy to disassemble when you need to wash the filter. In between washings you can rotate the cap (bottom of photo, extreme right) to dislodge debris on the surface of the filter.

You don't need to remove the dust bin to empty it - just position it over a garbage can and press the lid release button. You can remove the dust bin with one hand when you need to clean the filters. At .75L it has the second largest dust bin, and it easily accommodated the dust and hair on my 950 square foot test area.

The brush head has reasonably bright dual LED lights - helpful when vacuuming under furniture. The roller can be removed quickly and easily. 

The roller - which consists of both bristles and rubber pads arranged in a 'v-groove' pattern, did a superb job - there was virtually no hair, dental floss or other debris entangled on it.

The Black & Decker has a minimal set of tools - a low profile pet brush and a crevice attachment tool with a flip out brush. They worked reasonably well but felt somewhat flimsy, particularly the crevice/flip out brush. You also get a clip-on tool holder so you can store the tools on the wand. 

You can install the battery in the wall mount unit - when the vac is stored it will automatically recharge. Or you can remove the charger from the wall mount unit (as shown above). This enables you to use the battery with any other Black & Decker cordless tools you own.
It's the only vac that stands on its own - all the others need to be leaned against a wall when not in use (or hung up on a wall mount).

Carl Duguay
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