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An awesome accessory for anyone looking for a well-made, versatile edge guide


Bora Clamp Edge Wide Track

Cutting full sheets of plywood or large shop built panels on the table saw can be awkward, strenuous, and somewhat dangerous. The same goes for routing large panels on a router table. Of course, this isn't much of an issue if you have a large sliding table saw (aka 'horizontal panel saw'), particularly if it's equipped with a power feeder, or if you happen to have a vertical panel saw. However, many woodworkers lack these highly priced, and space hungry machines. One alternative is a plunge cut saw. These are fairly popular among professional woodworkers working in small shops. However, they're still fairly expensive.
Perhaps the most cost effective way to process large panels is with a straight edge guide - essentially a rigid rail along which you can guide a circular saw, jigsaw, or router. It makes straight line cutting simple and easy, and it's very economical. While you can simply use a straight piece of wood as an edge guide, commercially made metal guides have the advantage of never going out of true, and, usually, of having built-in clamps that make it easier to secure the guide to your stock.
The Bora Clamp Edge Wide Track is similar to a conventional straight edge guide, with the addition of two integrated T-slots, which enable you to attach shop made or commercial jigs and accessories to the track.
The Bora Wide Track comes in five lengths, three of which are available as a set.

LengthModel #Price
Set (24", 42", 50")541903$128
The 24" model is best suited for use on small projects. For trimming cabinets, countertops, doors and the like, the 42" model is ideal. For cross cutting plywood or gyprock you'll want the 50" model, as it has a 49-5/8" clamping capacity. The 66" will be of interest to cabinetmakers who work with oversized sheet goods or contractors who work with 5' sheets of backerboard. And finally, for ripping the largest sheet stock the 100" model is the way to go.
The three piece set is a good choice for cabinetmakers and contractors, as it provides the three most useful sizes at a deeply discounted price.

Wide aluminum track with dual T-slots   
The Bora Wide Tracks are made of lightweight, durable aircraft grade aluminum, which won't warp, bend or deform. The tracks have been anodized for wear resistance and to prevent oxidation, and all the edges are slightly rounded.
The tracks are 3-7/16" wide, with T-slots along both edges, running the full length of the track. You can attach a range of accessories or jigs to the track with standard 1/4-20 T-slot nuts and bolts. The outside edge of the T-slots are 27/64" high, enabling power tools to slide by unimpeded.

(L) fixed jaw, (R) sliding jaw        
There is a stationary jaw attached to the handle, and a sliding jaw that moves along a 5/16" steel clamp rod that runs the full length of the track. The clamping jaws are a generous 1-1/4" x 1-7/8", and have a rubber face to minimize stock damage. I found that the sliding jaw was quick and easy to move along the clamp rod. Those large clamp pads mean that you get excellent grip, not only on sheet goods, but also on dimensional lumber.

Large handle makes it easy to apply clamping pressure        
The 5-3/8"long, textured handle makes it easy to manipulate the clamps. Very little hand pressure is needed to firmly lock the clamp in place. There is also a slot conveniently placed in the handle so that you can hang the clamp out of the way when not in use.
To use the Bora Wide Track you lay it on your stock, pull the sliding jaw snug up against the stock, and then, flip the handle to lock the track in place. You're then ready to run your circ saw, jig saw or router along one of the edges of the clamp.

Cam style handle applies clamping pressure to sliding jaw     
The cam style handle has four pressure positions. When positioning the clamp on your stock keep the handle pointing straight up. Then, as you flip the handle downward, it will begin to pull the sliding jaw tightly up against the stock. To remove the clamp press the quick release located at the back of the sliding jaw.

Optional saw guide
Optional auxiliary clamps
Depending upon your facility with a circ saw, you may find it a bit difficult to keep the saw tight up against the track. Bora makes an optional saw guide (542001, $36) that connects to the T-slot on either side of the track, and keeps your saw aligned accurately.
They also have optional auxiliary clamps (542002, $18.50) that slide into the T-slots. Cam levers lock them into place. They're made for light-to-medium duty work including gluing, sanding, finishing.

Easy dado routing   
The Bora Clamp Edge Wide Tracks are awesome accessories for anyone who is looking for a well-made, versatile edge guide. There is virtually no deflection in use, they clamp securely to stock, and the rubber gripping pads don't mar finished surfaces.

Along with a circular saw and a good quality saw blade, they provide an easy, cost efficient way to process sheet stock. Light and easy to store and transport, they're also ideal for use on a job site.



  • Available in 24", 42", 50", 66" & 100" lengths
  • 3-7/16" track width
  • 5-3/8"long handle
  • 1/4" x 1-7/8" clamping pads
  • Dual, integrated T-tracks
  • Aircraft-grade, extruded aluminum body
  • Lifetime warranty

COMPANY:Affinity Tool Works
MODEL:See Table Above
PRICE:See Table Above
SOURCE:Dealer Search
Carl Duguay, January 2013
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