Bora Pedestal Roller

In a sea of work support stands this model stands out for it's durability, flexibility, and functionality.

Bora PM-5093

Bora Pedestal Roller

SOURCE:Dealer Search
Head Width:11-1/4"
Height Adjustment:25" to 43-3/4"
Roller Options:Stationary support
Single roller
Multi directional ball bearing roller
Weight Support: 300 pounds
Notable Features:Wedge locking post
Cam adjustable foot
Non-slip rubber feet
Powder coat finish
Full Specifications:Click Here

Some type of work support stand is practically indispensable in just about any workshop. You'll find them particularly helpful when ripping or cross-cutting or otherwise milling long, heavy, or wide stock at the table saw, jointer, planer or other shop machine. I find a work support especially useful when thickness planing – positioning one on the outfeed end helps reduce planer snipe. I also use it to support long stock at the drill press and band saw, both of which have quite small work surfaces. 

Support stands can have one or more head options – a single roller, a multiple ball-bearing roller, or a standard metal skid ridge. Almost all are height adjustable and some fold away for storage or transportation. 

BORA Portamate's new all-metal powder coated PM-5093 bipod roller support is somewhat unique in that it has all three head options, and is both height adjustable (from a low of 25" to a high of 43-3/4") and foldable. The head, which I feel is the crucial part of any stand, is made of durable 1/8" plate steel. Converting from one head option to another is tool-free, and takes only a couple of seconds. The heads are a standard width: 11-3/4" wide single roller, 11" wide multiple ball roller, and 13-7/8" standard head. The only issue is that the stand height doesn't remain consistent when switching head options – you invariably need to re-adjust the stand height. Fortunately this only takes a few extra seconds.

Two other features increase the functionality of the PM-5093. A cam adjustable foot enables you to level the stand on uneven floors. The concrete floor in my shop is atrocious, and I found that the the cam foot, in conjunction with the wide bipod extensions, did a good job of leveling the stand and ensuring it remained stable in use. I was able to adjust the head almost parallel to my table saw. I think a tilting head on the PM-5093 might be a worthwhile addition to a future version of this stand, as it would work in tandem with the cam foot to ensure a perfectly coplanar alignment. 

The second feature is the rather unique tapered design of the center column, which enables gravity, and the weight of the head, to wedge the column tightly in place against the locking screw. A quick turn of the locking handle releases the column when you need to re-adjust the stand height. It works very cleanly and efficiently. 
The PM-5093 stand out from other support stands that I've used over the years for it's combination of durability, flexibility, and functionality. And, at $55 US, its very competitively priced. Highly recommended.


Quick and easy to assemble

Cam action foot helps level the stand

Tapered post wedges post firmly in place

Locking screw secures column once it's moved to the right height

Standard metal skid head

Single roller head

Multi-roller head

Folds for storing

The best of a large crop of work support stands

Carl Duguay
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