Bosch Bluetooth Power Box

Heavy-duty and fully featured, this is the ultimate workshop/jobsite Bluetooth radio/charger.

Bosch Bluetooth Power Box

Bosch Bluetooth Jobsite Power Box

At roughly 14" square, weighing in at 24 pounds, and encased in a rigid aluminum roll cage frame with thick protective rubber bumpers on all four corners, the Bosch PB360C is built like a tank.
It has an IP54 dust and moisture rating. This means that the unit is dust protected (from dust entering in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the product) and from water splashing from any direction (for a minimum of 10 minutes). So, don't use the PB360C in a shop that produces sanding dust continuously for 8 hours a day, or leave it outdoors in a deluge – other than that, you'll have no worries.


While the PB360C does have a recessed top mounted handle you can grab it practically anywhere along the roll cage frame. The frame extends about 1-1/2" out from the sides of the body providing excellent protection from knocks and drops, and ample grabbing room if you're wearing gloves. It's also very rigid – I placed a piece of ply atop the unit and then stood on it. My 180 pound weight didn't deflect the frame in the least.


The PB360 runs on any Bosch 14.4V/18V battery, or on AC power by using the included AC adapter. Play time (when powered by a battery) depends on the amp-hour of the battery you use and the volume at which you listen – in my small shop with the sound level set at 5 of 20 on the volume scale, I was able to get almost four 6-hour work days on a single 5.0 Ah battery charge. 
There is a convenient battery storage compartment at the rear of the unit with a rubber seal running around its edge to seal out dust and moisture. Behind the battery, is a slot for installing a couple of AA batteries to power the clock (and retain your AM/FM station presets).
The built-in charger emits a low humming noise during the charging process, and displays a flashing "CHARGING" message on the display screen. Once charging is complete, the display stops flashing and the sound disappears. I found that battery charging took about 50-percent longer than on a conventional Bosch charger – a moot point as the unit continues to provide sound via AC power.


On the left side of the PB360C is a storage compartment for your mobile device – it will accommodate devices up to 5" x 5". Inside the compartment you'll find an AUX-In port with a short 6" cable – so you can connect non-Bluetooth devices – and a 1A USB port for charging your mobile device. 


On the opposite side is a 6-foot power cord and four AC outlets – two under each protective spring-loaded cover. While you can plug up to 4 power tools into the PB360C, you can only draw a maximum of 10A of power. Still, it's a convenient feature to have. If there is a battery installed in the battery compartment, and you plug the PB360C into an AC outlet, it will automatically begin to draw AC power, and begin charging the battery.


The PB360C has four top mounted 2-1/2" corner speakers, and a bottom mounted 5" subwoofer, all protected by metal screens, with a power output 26 watts. They deliver crisp, clear sound with lots of bass – at least to my ears. In my shop I need only set the sound level to about 25-percent of the maximum volume level. Outdoors, with the volume set up towards its maximum level the PB360C is LOUD, while the sound quality is remarkably clear. Radio reception (there is a fold-down antenna at the back of the unit) is good. I can get all the radio stations that I normally listen to.


The PB360C pairs with a mobile device very easily, and you get a wireless range of 150 feet as long as there is an unimpeded line of sight between the unit and the mobile device. Once paired, you simple press the "Source" button until "bt" appears on the PB360C display to engage Bluetooth mode. 

There is a free app you can install on your mobile device that gives some added, though limited, functionality (alarm clock, connection to third-party streaming apps, an announcement feature, and access to the Bosch Toolbox app, which provides a lot more useful features for anyone who uses a range of Bosch power tool products.)


The control center is well laid out with separate buttons for all the features: on/off power, volume, tuning, playing/pausing, pairing, equalizer, memory, clock, and song progression buttons. You can also control volume and song progression via your mobile device.
The LCD display tilts upwards slightly, making it easier to view when standing over the unit. Stainless steel rails on the top and bottom of the display give it a tad extra protection from anything dropped onto the unit.
After using the Bosch PB360C in my shop and outdoors on the patio for the better part of three weeks, I'm confident in saying that it's best radio/charger I've used to-date. It's extremely durable, provides battery and mobile device storage compartments, offers both on-board battery and mobile device charging, has good radio reception, and, above all, provides excellent sound. A great choice for shop or jobsite.


  • Power source: 14.4V/18V Bosch batteries or AC power
  • Size: 13-3/4" x 14-1/2" x 13-1/4"
  • Wireless range: 150 feet
  • Sound output: 26 watts
  • Speakers: Four 2-1/2" corner speakers and one 5" bottom mounted speaker
  • Radio presets: 20 FM/10AM
  • 1-amp USB and AUX ports plus 4 AC power outlets
  • IP54 dust/moisture rating
  • Roll-cage frame
  • Top mounted handle
  • Thick rubber overmold
  • Metal speaker screens
  • Weight: 24 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Includes: AC adapter, 6-inch Aux cable, (2) AA batteries

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Carl Duguay
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