Bosch L-BOXX Stackable Tool Storage System

A cost-effective, practical way to store, protect, and transport your power tools

Bosch L-BOXX Stackable Tool Storage System

Bosch L-BOXX Stackable Tool Storage System

Most tools come with soft side storage bags. They're good for transporting tools to and from a job site, and for basic tool storage. However, they provide very little protection for the tools, especially if they're piled together in the back of a truck. And carrying more than a couple of bags at one time can be awkward.
Hard shell, stackable tool storage systems have been popular in Europe for quite some time. Which is probably why only a few major tool companies, such as Festool and Metabo - both with parent companies in Europe - use this kind of tool storage system. Until now that is. Bosch has teamed up with Sortimo, a world leader in the design and development of in-vehicle storage solutions for commercial vehicle manufacturers, to package Bosch tools in a stackable tool storage system - the L-BOXX.
Currently, L-BOXXs are available in four heights - 4-1/2", 6", 10" and 15". To facilitate stacking, all are 14" wide and 17-1/2" long.
The boxes are made of a tough polymer plastic, and, according to Bosch, have been independently crash tested. Which should mean that they will withstand damage from being dropped or bumped around in the back of your truck. They are also dust and and water resistant. I'd be careful about standing on the L-BOXX, particularly on the middle section; the lid noticeably deflects under my 180 pound weight. However, it does make a handy seat at lunch time.

All boxes have a large top carry handle
Top handle stores in lid recess
Top, side, and front handles give you three carrying options. The wide top folding handle stores into a recess in the lid for stacking, yet allows you to carry the L-BOXX like a conventional tool box.
Recessed side handles enable you to carry the box two-handed - which is more convenient when several of them are stacked together.
The L-BOXX-1A, L-BOXX-1 and L-BOXX-2 have smaller folding handle at the front, which allows you to carry the box like a briefcase.

Side handle on all boxes
Front handle (only on the L-BOXX-1A, L-BOXX-1 and L-BOXX-2)
There are two plastic locking clips at the front of the box. I found them easy to open and close. In the closed position they are flush up against the box, less likely to get snagged on anything. Time will tell how durable these handles are, and whether metal would have been a more practical alternative.

Plastic lid closures
Lockable (both sides)
There are openings on both front corners that you can use to lock the box. I've been using a single lock and find it secures the lid well. However, with the lock installed (at least the lock I used), you can't stack the boxes.

Quick release handle - press and lift 
The spring loaded quick release handle is a fairly simple design, yet works well and provides a secure attachment. Simply press and lift.
To open a box that is stacked, you first need to unstack it - only the top box can be opened without unstacking. This is more of a nuisance than anything else, as it's fairly quick to unstack them.

Expect more Bosch tools to come bundled with an L-BOXX 
L-BOXXs that come with tools have a rigid foam interior cut out to accommodate the tool and its accessories. As in the L-BOXX that comes with the ROS65VCL 5" and 6" ROS kit, shown above, there is ample room to store everything.

L-BOXX-1A fully loaded  

L-BOXX - The complete storage system
The L-BOXX-2 comes with a perforated foam insert for use with most power tools. The square insert can be configured to the shape of the tool so that it fits snugly in the box. The LBOXX-1A comes with plastic inserts that create compartments for accessories and fasteners.

At some later point in 2012 Bosch will be introducing a wheeled, folding caddy to facilitate transporting stacked L-BOXXs.
Given the cost of professional-grade power tools, it makes sense to take care of your tool investment. The L-BOXX system provides a cost-effective, practical way to store, protect, and transport your Bosch power tools.

L-BOXX Configurations & Prices
ModelHeightWeightCDN Retail
L-BOXX14-1/2"4-1/2 lbs$69
L-BOXX26"5 lbs$79
L-BOXX310"6 lbs$89
L-BOXX415"7-1/2 lbs$109
All boxes are 14" wide and 17-1/2" long



  • 4 height configurations
  • Top, side, and front handles
  • Recessed top handles
  • 1-click stacking
  • 2 large front lid locking clips
  • Lockable
  • Shock proof and water resistant

AVAILABLE FROM:Tool and equipment suppliers nationwide
RETAIL PRICE:See chart above
MADE IN:Malaysia

Carl Duguay
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