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Bosch Nail Strike Wood-Boring Bit Offers Toughness for Nails-in-Wood Applications

Bosch Nail Strike

Bit can withstand up to 30 nail hits in nail-embedded wood

Mt. Prospect, Ill., 2018 – There’s nothing worse than drilling through a 2x4 and having the bit fail because you hit a nail; it poses a potential safety issue for the user and kills productivity along with the bit. All of that frustration is a distant memory now because the Bosch Nail Strike Wood-Boring Bit is engineered to ensure the extreme durability professionals expect.

Bosch Nail Strike is the first wood-boring bit that can strike nails and cut through them: The bit features enhanced edges that can cut through up to 30 nails. In addition, it has a fully threaded cone tip and paddle design optimized for fast cordless drilling to run conduit or pipe.

“Trade professionals are looking for accessories that can transfer the full power of the tool into the material. That’s what Bosch Nail Strike does,” said Philipp Gosau, group product manager, accessories, Bosch Power Tools. “This bit is designed to give the user best-in-class performance even in the toughest applications.”

Nail Strike’s reinforced dual cutting edges deliver longer life in tough applications, including nail-embedded wood. While augers have the longest life in wood with nails, Nail Strike is the right bit for jobs where the user doesn’t want to switch back and forth between a spade bit and an auger bit. Bosch Nail Strike requires use of a drill/driver in high-torque/slow speed mode when drilling through nails.

Nail Strike’s hex shank with Power Groove reduces bit slippage in the tool and makes it suitable for use with a variety of drill types, including impact drivers (for wood drilling only). The bit is not designed for use in a drill press and is not intended for counter boring applications or doweling.

The Bosch Nail Strike Wood-Boring Bit will be available starting February 2019.
Saturday, November 3, 2018