Buck 55 Pocket Knife Review

Nicely machined, feels wonderful in the hand, and with care, should last a lifetime.

Buck 55 Pocket Knife

Buck 55 Pocket Knife

A small pocket knife, with a blade under about 2-3/4", makes for a good general purpose knife that you can carry throughout the day – light in weight so you'll barely notice it in your pocket, yet ready to attend to basic tasks around the home, office, or shop. Everything from opening boxes and letters, cutting cords and cable ties, disassembling the ubiquitous plastic that virtually all consumer goods are packaged in, to whittling away on a lazy afternoon. 


The Buck 55 comes in at the sweet spot – under 2 ounces in weight, 5/16" thick, and only 3/-3/8" long when folded. Compare that to a medium size pocket knife, like the Kershaw Westin, at almost double the weight, half and inch thick, and 4-3/8" long. No wonder these medium and larger size knives need a belt clip – they can be quite cumbersome stored in a pants or jacket pocket.


The blade on the Buck 55 is made of 420HC steel and is shaped in a common clip style tip. 420 high carbon steel, heat treated to Rockwell 58, is a common grade of steel widely used for pocket knives. It has high amounts of carbon and chromium to increase hardness and corrosion resistance yet is easy to sharpen and takes a good edge. It comes fully sharpened.


The scale is made of American Walnut, and the bolsters and liners are brass. The seams between the walnut and brass are perfect with no gaps. 


Here you can see how well aligned the blade is to the spine, and the tight tolerance between the bolster liner and walnut scale. All the parts are nicely polished.


Even though it's such a small knife I find that you can open it with thumb and finger pressure. Once opened the blade locks firmly in position. Closing the blade is, however, a two-hand operation, as you need to depress the blade lock on the end of the handle while simultaneously pushing the blade downwards. 


Even though the blade spine is only 5/16" thick, it's wide enough that you can apply considerable thumb pressure without any discomfort.


If you're in the market for an everyday carry pocket knife either for yourself or as a gift, or looking for a first knife for a youngster, then you'll want to put the Buck 55 at the top of your list. It's very nicely machined, feels wonderful in the hand, and with care, should last a lifetime.


  • Length (closed): 3-3/8"
  • Length (open): 5-3/4"
  • Blade length: 2-3/8"
  • Blade steel: 420HC
  • Handle scale: American walnut
  • Bolster: Brass
  • Tip style: Clip
  • Weight: 1.9 ounces
  • Warranty: Lifetime

COMPANY:Buck Knives

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Carl Duguay
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