Bucklin - Wolverine Peakflex 6" Hiker

Dual purpose light duty boots - great for the shop and on a job site or on a weekend jaunt


Bucklin - Wolverine Peakflex 6" Hiker Boots

Don't be put off by the word 'hiker' attached to these Bucklin boots. They have some great features that make them well suited for tradespeople.
These 6" high boots come in twelve medium sizes from 7.5" to 14", and six extra wide sizes from 7" to 12". You also get a choice of three colours: brown with red edging, and taupe and black, both with yellow edging.
The Bucklin is a conventional laced boot that weighs in at 1-3/4 pounds per boot, made lighter by its non-metallic composite toe. The boot has an 'ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH' rating - safety code that means the toe will withstand a weight of up to 75 pounds dropped on it, and a compressive load of up to 2,500 pounds before it begins to crack or crush. Which is good news for your feet. The EH rating on these boots means that the outer sole provides protection from electrical current on dry surfaces.

Waterproof leather uppers
These Bucklin boots use waterproof full grain leather and sealed seams to help keep water out. They aren't a replacement for rubber boots, but you should be able to stand ankle deep in water for upwards of an hour without water penetrating the boots.
I have a preference for leather boots partly because leather is very durable, and over time it develops a nice patina that looks much better than most faded composite material.
The collar - at the top back of the boot - is made of a wave mesh polyester fabric - red on the inside and dark brown on the outside. The same material covers the tongue of the boot. I found the collar to be nicely padded - thick enough to enhance fit and comfort but not overly tight. At the back of the boot is a pull tag that makes it easier to pull the boot on and off.

Polyester wave mesh lining
The inside of the Bucklin boots - below the red collar - are also lined with a wave mesh polyester fabric, which is waterproof.


Abrasion-resistant toe and heel bumpers
Apart from the sole, its the toe and the heel that are subject to the greatest amount of wear and tear. On these boots both toe and heel have waterproof, abrasion-resistant rubber bumpers that protect the boot from scuffs and scratches.
A critical area that is susceptible to water penetration is the point at which the outsole is joined to the upper part of the boot. On these boots the outsole and the leather uppers are joined with an adhesive rather than sewn. The disadvantage of this method is that the outsole can't be replaced. However, this less costly method of construction also makes these boots more economical for the end user.
I found the toe box to be wide enough that even when wearing thick socks the boots didn't feel overly tight - snug but not cramped.

Three styles of eyelets
I was surprised to see three different styles of eyelets on these boots, but after lacing them up a number of times I came to appreciate this feature. There are two pairs of webbed and two pairs of D-ring eyelets on bottom portion of the boot with two pairs of hooked eyelets at the top.
I particularly like the hooked eyelets, which considerably speed up the process of tying and untying the laces. Once you pull the laces out of the hooked eyelets you can pull the tongue of the boot forward, and easily extract your foot. However, the best thing to do is use a pair of booties - disposable boot covers. I slip them over my boots when I need to walk through a clients home. Saves time and impresses the client.

The webbed eyelets are located over the mid portion of the boot, which flexes when you walk, or climb stairs or ladders. These fabric eyelets are more flexible than D-rings, which, I think, enables the boot to flex a bit more, putting less strain on the top of the foot.
if you're looking for a superior boot lace knot that doesn't slip or come undone, you might want to check out Ian's Better Bow Shoelace Knot (shown in the photo at left). It took me three or four attempts to get the knack of making the knot, and now I use it all the time.


PeakFLEX™ insoles
The cushioned PeakFLEX™ anti-fatigue molded insoles are replaceable, though they should last quite a long time. The only reason to replace them is if you have specific support requirements such as fallen arches or flat feet, or if you feel that you need even more cushioning than these insoles provide.

Ortholite® footbed
Just under the insole is the Ortholite footbed (what I assume is also the midsole). It's made with a honey-comb design that allows the polyurethane material to expand slightly at the heel, mimicking the structure of the spine near the front of the foot, giving it maximum flexibility.
The footbed is reasonably stiff, and coupled with a firm heel helps to keep your foot from twisting, reducing the change of injury - particularly when working on uneven ground, climbing up and down ladders, or clambering around over 2x4s.

Rubber outsole
The outsole is made of a tough non-marring genuine rubber compound that is, similar to all work boots today, slip, oil and abrasion resistant. The treads are quite deep, and provide excellent grip.
What I didn't like about this outsole is that the heel is only 1/4" deep. A deeper heel provides a lot more support when you're shoveling or climbing a ladder or scaffolding.

Comfortable, durable, and cool looking
I really like these Wolverine Bucklin boots. They're super comfortable - light in weight, nicely cushioned and ample toe room - while the leather uppers and rubber heel and toe bumpers should provide long term durability. They are best suited for the likes of tradespeople, renovators, service workers and DIYers, rather than for use on a construction site. And these boots will look good for weekend jaunts around town or outdoor treks. Great value at a competitive price.



  • Full-grain leather uppers with pull tabs
  • Composite toe
  • Wave mesh lining
  • PeakFLEX™ anti-fatigue molded insole
  • Ortholite® footbed
  • Polyurethane midsole
  • Rubber outsole with cement construction
  • Waterproof
  • Electrical hazard rated
  • 1.75 pounds per boot
  • 30-dayr warranty

MODEL #:W10074

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