Building Code changes demand more

Building Code changes demand more from building product manufactures

Milton, ON – As the new year brings about new beginnings, adjustments are continuing to be made to Canadian building codes to further promote energy efficient homes including mandating effective R-values. To help builders and homeowners achieve higher R-value and comfort, Roxul is introducing an insulated exterior wall sheathing product, ComfortBoard IS. This new product is a rigid stone wool insulation board that when fastened to the exterior of a residence, will help builders achieve the new R-value requirements demanded by the updated building codes. 
Roxul ComfortBoard IS board is designed to be fastened to the outside face of the exterior studs in residential construction and will provide increased thermal performance to the building envelope. In your average residential property, the standard 2 x 6 wood frame wall cavity is filled with insulation, so to reach higher R-values Roxul’s new ComfortBoard IS is an added layer of exterior insulation that will result in increased R-values and comfort. In a typical single-family building, wood studs make up 25% of the wall surface, so it’s important to ensure the use of exterior insulation and to insulate those studs.
The ComfortBoard IS is an exterior non-structural insulated sheathing that provides a continuous layer of insulation around residential building envelope. It’s non-combustible, water repellent, sound absorbent and it lets your walls breath. Produced without flame retardants and HFC blowing agents, ComfortBoard IS provides a sustainable solution to builders and contractors across Canada. ComfortBoard IS was designed specifically to increase the thermal performance to the building envelope ensuring that one’s home is comfortable, energy efficient and quite from outside noise. 
In addition to its intended exterior wall application, many builders have identified a beneficial use in the basement. When used in conjunction with a typical 2x4 wall assembly and R14 ComfortBatt, ComfortBoard IS at 1.5” thick provides for an R-20 basement wall solution. The ComfortBoard is simply mechanically fastened or adhered to the concrete foundation wall. The wall studs are then installed directly against the board, leaving no gaps or air space. This system provides increased energy savings, better acoustics and more comfortable living environments for home owners.  
As a leader in the insulation industry, Roxul is pleased to see the adjustments being made to building codes specifically increasing the energy efficiency of the home. Roxul prides itself on providing superior products and will continue to develop innovative solutions for energy efficiency that may further influence future building code adjustments. 
Roxul raises the bar in developing wall systems with excellent long-term thermal performance. Outdoor sounds from everyday life including cars, planes and people are significantly reduced with the combination of ComfortBoard IS and ComfortBatt wall cavity insulation. 
To further support adjustments to building codes and to meet the demands for increased energy efficiency, Roxul is also expanding its line of ComfortBatt products to include ComfortBatt R24, which is ideal for residential or renovation construction. This semi-rigid batt has a unique flexible edge designed to compress as the batt is inserted into walls, attics, ceiling and floor frames. The flexible edge springs back, expanding the batt against the frame studs to give a complete fill. ComfortBatt compensates for normal variations in stud centres caused by distortion or warping.  
As with all Roxul products, the ComfortBoard IS is made from natural stone and 40% recycled content*.