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Join our editors and contributors for informative, inspirational, and entertaining online woodworking webinars. We'll be covering a range of topics in these live, interactive video workshops that will appeal to woodworkers of all skill levels. You'll have an opportunity to watch, listen, and learn, with other participants from across Canada.  And, at the end of each webinar, you can listen to questions asked by others, or ask a question of your own.


Our webinars are hosted on ZOOM, a cloud platform for video and audio chatting. You need to install the free ZOOM app on your computer or mobile device to participate in the webinar.

Download the free ZOOM app here.
Watch a video on how to join a meeting.

  • Each webinar is 2 to 3 hours long and limited to 30 participants to ensure you have an opportunity to ask questions that are important to you.
  • Webinars start at 1:00 pm EST (1:30 AST, 12:00 CST, 11:00 am MST and 10:00 am PST).
  • At the end of each webinar, your host will answer all of your questions - whether you’re just beginning, or are a seasoned woodworker.





Learn how to set-up your guides for true cuts and what upgrades are available to enhance your machines performance.

HOSTED BY: Steve Der-Garabedian
 (view his bio)

COST: $40

In this webinar you will learn how to:
  • set up and tune your bandsaw - whatever brand/model you have;
  • select the right blade to make the right cut;
  • adjust blade tension for precise cutting;
  • totally eliminate drift;
  • choose and install guides and other bandsaw upgrades to enhance your machines performance;
  • create bandsaw jigs that will make your work both safer and more efficient;
  • make your own custom ‘zero clearance insert’ to reduce chip-out and jamming;
  • cut flawless wedges and tapers.
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Find out why hand planes are one of the most useful tools in a woodworker's arsenal, the different types of planes, and how to use and maintain them.

HOSTED BY: Steve Der-Garabedian (view his bio)

COST: $40

In this webinar you will learn about:
  • the different types of hand planes and their uses;
  • how to sharpen with simplicity and repeatability;
  • shooting boards & other jigs to assist us in our work;
  • fettling older planes;
  • Krenovian style wooden planes;
  • understanding the different blade options from O1 to A2 & PM-V11.
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Learn how to safely use this versatile power tool along with the right jigs and accessories to improve your productivity.

HOSTED BY: Steve Der-Garabedian (view his bio)

COST: $40

In this webinar you will learn about:
  • safe and practical methods of routing profiles, creating mortises and much more;
  • the in’s and out’s of router tables, fences, lifts and inserts;
  • the myriad selection of router bits;
  • simple repeatable setups;
  • accurately marking and setting up of stops;
  • different type of routers from laminate trimmers to medium & larger sized models;
  • dust collection;
  • fixed and plunge bases.
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Steve Der-Garabedian has been woodworking since the early 1990’s and runs Black Walnut Studio, a fine furniture workshop in Mississauga, Ontario. He started with self taught skills, eventually completing his formal training at Rosewood Studio.

Steve now shares his passion through webinars, instruction offered at his own studio and at other workshops throughout the country.

He is a contributing writer for Canadian Woodworking and Home Improvement Magazine and his first book, Veneering Essentials, will be released in July of 2020. 

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