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One of the most comprehensive reference books you'll find


Carpentry, 5th Edition

If you're looking for a comprehensive reference book on carpentry, then look no further than ATP's 5th edition of Carpentry. At almost 900 pages long it covers just about every skill that a carpenter requires - and it covers them well.
This is the book that is required reading for many post secondary carpentry training programs, and no wonder - it's like having a Norm Abram or Mike Holmes standing over your shoulder - but not so disquieting.
The book is divided into sixteen sections, and organized in a sequential building order. The author begins with an overview of the trade and then moves into building materials, followed by the hand and power tools specific to the trade, construction equipment safety and personal protective equipment, print reading, and the fundamentals of survey equipment. The remaining nine sections cover every aspect of construction techniques, from laying foundations to rough framing, roofing, insulation, stair construction, and exterior and interior finishing.

The text is written in a sparse, easy to understand format, and supplemented with almost 1,400 detailed illustrations. Additionally there is a CD-ROM that contains a variety of learning resources resources, three dozen short video clips of various techniques, and an illustrated glossary (the same as found at the back of the book).
There are two things that really stand out for me in this book. The first is the breath of coverage - virtually everything that an aspiring carpenter needs to know is contained in the book. 
Second is the extensive use of detailed illustrations - just about every topic is illustrated. These illustrations are top notch, and really help to amplify the text.
While the book will provide a good reference for those who have recently joined the fraternity (and for seasoned carpenters as well), it's real value will be for anyone new to carpentry - students, apprentices, or avid DIYers.
While written for an American audience, the author has included a maple leaf icon next to selected headings, figures and appendix tables that refers readers to a 72 page Canadian Resource Supplement booklet. The Supplement can be ordered with the main book at no extra cost. It provides important information specific to Canadian codes and standards, construction techniques, equipment, and materials. 

While there are some very good carpentry books on the market, none come close to the comprehensiveness of Carpentry.

BookPart NumberPrice
Carpentry + Canadian Resource Supplement0807$102.00
Carpentry Workbook0801$27.00
Carpentry Workbook Answer Key0802$10.00



  • Carpentry and Construction
  • Construction Materials
  • Hand Tools
  • Power Tools
  • Construction Equipment, Job Site
  • Safety, and Working Conditions
  • Building Design and Print Reading
  • Survey Instruments and Operations
  • Foundation and Outdoor Slab
  • Construction
  • Floor, Wall, and Ceiling Frame
  • Construction
  • Roof Frame Construction
  • Energy Conservation: Insulation and
  • Construction Methods
  • Exterior Finish
  • Interior Finish
  • Stairway Construction
  • Post-and-Beam Construction
  • Heavy Concrete Construction
  • Appendix
  • Glossary and Trade Tips
  • Index
  • Using the CD-ROM
  • Quick Quizzes
  • Illustrated Glossary
  • Flash Cards
  • Master Math Problems
  • USA Resources
  • Canadian Resources
  • Media Clips
Canadian Resource Supplement
  • The Construction Industry and Carpentry Trade In Canada
  • Industry and Standards Organizations
  • Entering the Carpentry Trade
  • Softwood Lumber
  • Engineered Wood Panels
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Excavations
  • Lines, Dimensions, and Scales
  • Building Codes
  • Builders Levels
  • Foundation Sills
  • Foundation Systems
  • Wood Foundations
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Insect Prevention
  • Posts and Beams
  • Floor Joists
  • Subfloor
  • Floor Underlayment
  • Wood I-Joists
  • Sheathing Exterior Walls
  • Shear Walls
  • Ceiling Joists
  • Constructing Flat Roof Ceilings
  • Light-Gauge Steel Framing Members
  • Structural Factors in Roof Design
  • Installing Roof Trusses
  • Heat Transfer
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Covering Roofs
  • Window Units
  • Wood Siding
  • Decks
  • Other Door Hardware
  • Stairway Components
  • Post and Beam Construction
  • Building with Glulam Lumber
  • Formwork Construction
  • Prestressed Concrete
  • Appendix
PUBLISHER:American Technical Publishers
FORMAT:Hardcover, 868 pages
Includes CD-ROM
AUTHOR:Leonard Koel

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