Channellock 10" Tongue & Groove Straight Jaw Code Blue Plier

If you're looking for top quality tongue and groove pliers, then you might want to go to the source - the company that invented the design, Channellock.


Channellock 10" Tongue & Groove Straight Jaw Code Blue Plier

The Channellock company essentially invented this style of pliers. In fact, this particular style is most commonly referred to as 'channellock pliers', regardless of who manufactures the pliers.
Tongue and groove pliers widely used in the plumbing trade, but also by pipefitters, machinists, mechanics, or anyone who needs to get a grip on flat, square, or hexagonal nuts, bolts, and other metal objects.
Channellock makes 23 different styles of tongue and groove pliers, ten of which are classified as straight jaw pliers. The 430CB, which I review here, is an updated version of their popular 430 model, and features their new Code Blue® handles. These are the same handles featured on the
Channellock 8-Inch Long Nose Code Blue Plier (318CB) that I recently reviewed.
The 430CB pliers, made from high carbon C1080 steel, measure 10-1/2" overall, and weigh one pound. Channellock uses computer controlled die-forging presses to stamp out the bodies. Coupled with a precisely controlled heat treating and tempering process, the result is an exceptionally strong plier that that can still flex enough under load to resist breaking. Rather than dipping or spraying the pliers with a rust inhibitor, Channellock uses an electronic rust protection system, similar to what's used in the automotive and marine industry. However, no system prevents rust completely. Work tools take a heck of a beating, and as they become abraded, rust can begin to form. So it's still a good idea to keep your tools dry and ocassionally wipe them with a light oil or a rust inhibitor like
WD-40's Long Term Corrosion Inhibitor.

Code Blue® handles for durability and comfort
I've been using Channellock's 318CB long nose pliers, which also have these 'Code Blue®' handles, for a couple of months now, and really like them. They're among the most comfortable tool handles I've used.
The handle covering is made of Santoprene™, a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that has the same level of flexibility and durability as natural rubber, and is incredibly tough. The covering is thick enough that it provides good cushioning when you really need to put the squeeze on the handles.

Narrow head and Permalock® fastener make getting into tight quarters easier
The head is just under 1/2" wide, making it easier to reach tight spaces. These pliers also feature Chanellock's Permalock® flush pivot mechanism, which is somewhat similar to a rivet fastener. There is no nut or bolt to come apart or get caught up when using the pliers in tight quarters. 

Undercut grooves eliminate slipping jaws
The 430CB pliers provide up to 2" gripping capacity with their 1-1/4" long jaws. Seven undercut grooves make width adjustment quick and easy and eliminate slipping jaws. There is also a reinforcing edge that helps strengthen the jaw.

Deep grooved teeth provide a firm grip
The deeply grooved laser-hardened teeth are cut at right angles for excellent grip in any direction and long life.

Long nose, easy access
These 430CB pliers feel good and solid. They are quick to adjust, and the handles open and close smoothly. The Santoprene™ grips are both durable and comfortable.
The Channellock 10" Tongue & Groove Straight Jaw Code Blue Plier (430CB) are priced under $25, making them excellent value in a premium, heavy duty, adjustable plier.


  • 10-1/2” overall length
  • 5-7/8” Code Blue® style handles
  • High carbon C1080 steel body
  • 27/64" head width
  • 1-1/4"" jaw length
  • 2" maximum jaw opening
  • Cross-hatching on jaws
  • 7 jaw width adjustments
  • Permalock fastener
  • Rust protected
  • 16-ounce weight
  • Lifetime warranty
SOURCE:Purchase Online
Carl Duguay, January 2013
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