Channellock 8-1/2" Professional Torpedo Level

The Channellock 8-1/2" Professional Torpedo Level (615) is a durable, well designed level that should provide years of reliable service.


Channellock 8-1/2" Professional Torpedo Level

Torpedo levels are so named because of their streamlined design, which resembles a torpedo or submarine. Just about every renovator I know carries one in their tool kit. Electricians, plumbers, and carpenters use them whenever they're working in restricted spaces, or when a longer box or I-beam level would just be too awkward to use.
DIYers and homeowners will find these levels ideal for general maintenance and repair work around the home, and for a variety of woodworking projects.
The Channellock 8-1/2" Professional Torpedo Level (615) is a well designed tool that features a powder coated aluminum body and waterproof and shock resistant plastic insert that holds three vials.

Large, easy to read end dials  
The 615 is very compact level, measuring 5/8" x 1-3/8" x 9" and weighing only 5.5 ounces. You get about 8" of flat working surface on each side, and the streamlined ends make the level super easy to slip into a tool belt, tool bag, or your back pocket.
Channellock has added a short lanyard to one end, which I removed, as I found it to be somewhat of a nuisance. You can use the lanyard hole to hang the 615 from a nail or screw for quick and easy accessibility.
The two round vials on each end are 7/8" diameter, which makes them easy to read. One of the vials is set at 90° and the other is set at 45°. The graduation markings on the vial are likewise easy to see.

Central dial and V-channel       
The central vial is 1-3/8" wide (both the top and side view ports). A nice feature is the V-channel along the top edge - it's convenient when you're leveling plastic or metal piping.
I quickly checked the accuracy of the 615 by hammering two nails about 7" apart, into a board. Then I placed the level on the nails. After noting the reading I turned the level 180°, and compared the readings. They were spot on.

Four magnets provide a solid grip          
I really like the rare earth magnets on the back side of the 615. They hold securely onto any ferrous metal surface. Plus, I find it convenient to mount the 615 onto my 36" metal straight edge when I need to level long surfaces.
The Channellock 8-1/2" Professional Torpedo Level (615) is a durable, well designed level that should provide years of reliable service. And, at under $30 it represents good value in a professional quality tool.

Key Features:
•    5/8" x 1-3/8" x 9"
•    Three 45 minute arc vials 0°, 45°, and 90°
•    V-Groove design for pipe and conduit mounting
•    Powder coated aluminum body
•    Waterproof and shock resistant
•    4 rare earth magnets
•    5.5 oz weight
•    Rubber overmold grip
•    Limited lifetime warranty
Available From:Purchase Online
Retail Price:$24.99 US
Model #:615
Made In:Taiwan

Carl Duguay, March 2012 
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