Channellock 8-Inch Long Nose Code Blue Plier

All but indestructible, ergonomically optimized handles, a smoothly articulating fulcrum, long tapered jaws with hardened cutters for heavy duty cutting, and serrated tips that make it easy to grasp small items, make these an excellent choice in a general purpose long nose plier.


Channellock 8-Inch Long Nose Code Blue Plier

Channellock is one of the preeminent tool manufacturers in North America - descendants of the original founder have been at the helm of the company since its inception in 1886. The company makes a wide range of pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and other specialty hand tools that have long been a favorite of mechanics, electricians, plumbers and other trades people.
The Channellock 8-Inch Long Nose Code Blue Plier (#318CB) have an overall length of 8-1/2", and weigh in at approximately 11 ounces. As with all Channellock tools, these pliers are made from high carbon C1080 steel using computer controlled die-forging presses and a precisely controlled heat treating and tempering process. This produces tools that are exceptionally strong yet still flexible enough to resist breaking under load. Before the handles are added the pliers are given a protective coating to inhibit rust.

Easy to hold, easy to spot
The 318CB has Channellock's new style 'Code Blue®' handle, which is comprised of a Santoprene™ core — a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that has the same level of flexibility and durability as natural rubber — and a TPE overmold. The result is an extremely tough and impact resistant handle, but one that is surprisingly comfortable in the hand. It's very smooth, yet not slippery, even when wet. If you take a large size glove, like I do, then you'll likely find the 7/8" wide by 4-1/2" long handle a perfect fit. As an added bonus, those bright red and blue handles make the pliers easy to spot in a tool box or bag.

Long narrow jaws with serrated tips and laser hardened cutters
A good handle is important, as are precision made, durable jaws. The smooth, polished jaws on the 318CB are 2-3/8" long overall. I found that the jaws worked well griping items up to about 5/8" wide. They narrow from 1/2" by 1" just above the fulcrum to 5/32" at the tip, making it very easy to grab onto very small objects. And, the long tapered jaws make it easy to reach into tight, cramped spaces.
A crosshatch pattern is milled across the top 3/4" of the jaws, which helps the pliers grab onto and hold items securely. The tips meet together perfectly - I had no problem grasping  wire as narrow as 1/64".
The 5/8" cutters are laser hardened to extend their life, increase their cutting strength, and reduce the amount of cutting pressure you need to apply. Plus, the back edge of the cutters are beveled to further increase cutting action. When closed, the cutters on each jaw are perfectly mated, so that you get a consistent, even application of cutting power.

Serrated wire puller

Just below the fulcrum is a serrated 3/4" wire puller. The deeply serrated teeth provide excellent grip for pulling electrical wire.

Permalock flush pivot
The 318CB pliers have a flush pivoting mechanism, what Channellock refers to as their 'Permalock fastener'. It's a significantly better design than a nut-and-bolt fastener. I find that the handles open and close smoothly yet aren't so loose that they flop back and forth.
As on all the top quality pliers, the center of the fulcrum on the 318CB pliers is only 3/8" away from the cutters, which enables you to apply a lot of cutting force more easily. 

Long nose, easy access  
I had no problem cutting cable up to 12/2 NM or 14/2 BX, stranded or solid wire up to 8 AWG, and nails up to 12 gauge.

The Channellock 318CB pliers are an excellent choice in a general purpose long nose plier. They have all but indestructible, ergonomically optimized handles; a smoothly articulating fulcrum; long tapered jaws with hardened cutters for heavy duty cutting, and serrated tips that make it easy to grasp small items. And, all this comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • 8-1/2" overall length
  • 4-1/2" Code Blue® style handles
  • High carbon C1080 steel body
  • 2-3/8" jaw length
  • 5/8" cutter
  • 3/4" wire puller
  • Laser-hardened cutting edges
  • Cross-hatching on jaws
  • Permalock fastener
  • Rust protected
  • 11 ounce weight
  • Lifetime warranty
SOURCE:Purchase Online
Carl Duguay, December 2012
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