Coast HP7 LED High Performance Flashlight

Exceptional brightness with an intense central beam and uniform flood beam


Coast HP7 LED High Performance Flashlight

LED flashlights are becoming much more common, and for good reason. Typically they are much brighter than their incandescent bulb counterparts, and they provide a much longer run time.
Coast makes a range of general use, high performance, professional, and tactical use LED flashlights. There are twelve models in their high performance category. I recently tested the Coast HP7 LED High Performance Flashlight model.
The HP7 comes with a nylon sheath, lanyard, and four AAA batteries.

Hook & loop front closure
 Hook & loop and metal snap belt loop
The sheath is made of durable, lightweight heavy duty nylon, and has a fold over hook and loop closure. The belt loop on the back of the sheath, which will accommodate belts and straps up to 4" wide, has a double closure - hook & loop and metal snap.

Battery carriage and end cap (note the red O-ring)     

The HP7 is powered by four AAA batteries - a good choice as they are relatively inexpensive, and available just about everywhere. A 16 pack of alkaline Duracells from Amazon costs about $14 ($10 US). A rubber O-ring on the end cap provides a tight, water resistant seal when screwed onto the body of the flashlight.
The HP7 comes with a 5" lanyard that you can attach to the lanyard ring on the end cap. An ancillary benefit of the lanyard ring is that is keeps the HP7 from rolling off a surface when you lay it down on it's side.

When the end cap is tightened, the O-ring provides a tight water resistant seal  

The body is made of lightweight, durable anodized aluminum and has a textured anti-slip grip.
The heart of the HP7 is the unbreakable LED bulb, which provides dual beam intensities - a low of 58 lumens and a high of 251 lumens. This is, by far, the brightest mid-size flashlight that I've used to date.

LED bulb provides exceptional bright light    
In low light mode you can expect up to 10 hours of run time, while in high light mode you'll get around 5-3/4 hours. Again, these figures are pretty similar with what you would expect to get from other similar models.

Rubber power switch
Click once for high light mode, a second time for low light mode
A rubber encased power switch provides two power options. Click it once for high light mode, and press it a second time for low light mode. You can also just tap or lightly depress the switch to activate high light mode temporarily. I would have preferred it if the sequence was reversed (or if there was an option to reverse the sequence), as I use the low light mode most of the time. Besides, pointing the HP7 at someone's face and then switching it on can momentarily disorient them - it's that bright.

Low beam - 66 meters (216') of illumination
High beam - 196 meters (642') of illumination
The HP7 offers two beam distances, achieved by pushing or pulling the torch head forward or backwards. In low beam mode you a distance of approximately 66 meters (216') is illuminated, while in high beam mode, a distance of 196 meters (642') is illuminated. These figures are comparable to beam distances from other similar sized torches on the market.
Moving the head forward and backwards is very smooth, and you can lock the head at any position simply by twisting it to the left. A convex ring around the base of the head provides a gripping surface for your thumb and forefinger. To unlock, you turn the head to the right. However,  in lock mode the head can be inadvertently moved if you press downward on the head too forcefully.

58 lumens; 10 feet from wall   

251 lumens; 10 feet from wall     
The HP7 provides exceptional brightness, with an intense central beam and uniform flood beam. It also provides a very respectable beam distance. Once the batteries are close to being discharged you'll notice a degradation in brightness, which means time to search for replacement batteries.
At under $55 the HP7 is great value in a mid-sized flashlight.


  • 5-1/2" long (closed)
  • Weight - 7 ounces (including batteries)
  • Aluminum casing
  • Unbreakable LED
  • Quick cycle switch - low (58 lumens)to high (251 lumens)
  • 66m/216' (low)to 196m/642' (high) beam distance
  • 5-3/4 to 10 hour run time
  • Impact and water resistant
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Includes: nylon sheath, lanyard, (4) AAA batteries

Available From:Coast
Retail Price:$53 US
Model #:HP7
Made In:China
Carl Duguay, March 2012
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