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Community - Canada: Boxes are fun to make and can be very functional. Here is a small collection of Canadian-made boxes to whet your appetite. 

Canadian-Made Boxes

Canadian-Made Boxes

Photo above:
Ryan Shervill – Chess Box
Sapele and ebonized walnut
16" x 16" x 6"
Photographer: Eddie DeJong/Vanderburgh Humidors
Terry Golbeck – Walnut Box
Black walnut
4-7/8" Diameter x 4-1/2" High
Inspiration: Siberian yurt
Photo by Terry Golbeck
Merv Krivoshein – Global Warming
Elm, birch
10" x 16" x 9"
Inspiration: The documentary “Chasing Ice” by James Balog
Photographer: Traci Munday
David Atkinson – Salamander Box       
Satinwood, bloodwood, imbuya, sapele, European beech
13.75" x 8" x 3.5"
Photo: Dean Palmer Photography
Trent Watts – Choose your Gender Lidded Box
Species: Mountain ash, acrylic paint
7" x 3-1/2"
Inspiration: Made for a show on erotic art
Photographer: Trent Watts
Michael Hosaluk – Contain
6" x 3" x 3"
Inspiration: Natural forms in nature
Photographer: Trent Watts
Adrian Ferrazzutti – Mosaic #2
Walnut burl, satin wood, ebony and holly
4" x 8" x 8"
Inspiration: Reading about Antoni Gaudi and seeing the wonderful mosaic rooftops on his buildings
Photographer: Dean Palmer
Slideshow: View a slideshow of over 50 Canadian-made boxes.



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