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Community: Canada – A selection of some of Canada’s best chairs, from some of our best chair makers.


Canadian-Made Seating

Judson Beaumont – Canned Bench (pictured above)
Materials: Birch plywood, maple and diamond button tufted vinyl upholstery
Dimensions: 24" w x 60" l x 18" h

Photo by Mike Wakefield
I wanted to play on texture in this design, with the idea of taking one material (something hard), peeling it back to reveal a different material (something soft).

Shawn Place – Owl Chair
Materials: Walnut
Dimensions - 43"h x 32"w x 28"d

Photo by Shawn Place
This chair was inspired by a Japanese cast iron paperweight in the shape of an owl that I saw while visiting a design shop in Vancouver. I had always wanted to do a two-legged chair after seeing George Nakashima’s Conoid chair. Many sketches later, the Owl chair was born. The chair fully encompasses the sitter giving a feeling of security and seclusion, all while being visually transparent and light.

Christopher Solar – Plantation Redux Chair
Materials: Jatoba, Cane
Dimensions: chair: 26" w x 35" d x 35" h; ottoman: 24" w x 24" d x 15" h.

Photo by Christopher Solar
The chair was made in 2008 for a client who liked plantation chairs, but wanted a more modern interpretation. I kept the classic “swoop” of the one-piece caned seat and back, but used clean lines for the legs and arms. The seat is hand-woven from natural cane.

Nathalie Guez – Tokyo
Materials: Maple, Steel
Dimensions: 23" x 24" x 45"

Photo by J.F. Vezina
This sculptural chair is inspired by traditional Japanese aesthetics, reinterpreted in a contemporary style with technical abilities.

Mike Mulvey – Autonomous Chair
Materials: Jatoba, Anigre veneer dyed black, Fabric
Dimensions: 10" x 18" x 29" (seat is at 10°)
After some interaction with chiropractors, and reading “The Chair” by Galen Cranz, I had a go at designing an ergonomic seat. If you find yourself perching on a sawhorse or leaning against the bench in the shop, you know how much less tiring it is than standing. Taking most, or even some, of the weight off your legs is comfortable and invites you to keep your back straight, unlike a conventional chair when all your weight goes on your behind.

Mike Randall – Kurva Chair
Materials: Alder, Ash, Stainless steel
Dimensions: 32" h x 25" w x 22" d

Photo by Ken Guenter
“Kurva” is the Swedish word for “bend”. The inspiration for this chair came from my desire to fuse mid-century modern and contemporary furniture design. My influences in the overall design were the mid-century masters (Charles & Ray Eames, Alvar Alto and Marcel Brewer, to name a few), but the inspiration for the low-backed captain’s style came from a chair designed by the contemporary Welsh furniture maker, David Colwell.

Marc Richardson – Sculpted Stool
Materials: Walnut
Dimensions: 18" w x 17" d x 20" h

Photo by Marc Richardson
This stool was constructed out of walnut, using a stack lamination technique in which pieces of wood are glued up layer upon layer creating a series of steps. These steps are shaped down using a chain saw, grinders and sanding discs until the final form is attained. Numerous coats of polyurethane are applied.

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