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Community – Canada: Here are images of some of the hand tools that were built during our recent “Canadians Building Together: Hand Tools” event during the month of August, 2015. For more details about the event, and information on how these and many other tools were built, visit the “Woodworking” sub-forum on our website.

Canadians Building Together: Hand Tools

Canadians Building Together: Hand Tools

Photos by Maker
Jerome Sidley
Mallet (photo above)
Walnut, cherry, maple, rawhide
Elmvale, ON

Jason Van de Burgt
Walnut, maple
Fergus, ON
Mark Allen
Frame saw
Cherry, Peruvian walnut, hardware
Ottawa, ON

Kamil Czuba
Block Plane
Maple, walnut, Peruvian cherry, brass
Newmarket, ON

Matthew Rae
Coping Saw
Quartersawn beech
Philadelphia, PA

Mark Kornell
Chamfer Plane
Padauk, brass
Kelowna, BC

Pete Binkley
Maple, ipe
St Mary’s, ON

Igor Vasilenko
Chisel Plane
Maple, chisel
Martintown, ON

Darrell LaRue
Scraper Shave
Walnut, bronze
Oakville, ON
RELATED FORUM THREADS: Read about how these, and other tools, were made in the “Building Together Events” sub-section of our “Woodworking” area on our forum.

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