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The oneTree series celebrates the life and value of a single tree by inviting artists to create as much beauty from its wood as possible.

OneTree 2019 Exhibition

OneTree 2019 Exhibition

After a lot of success with the oneTree 2015 and oneTree 2017 exhibitions, oneTree 2019 proved to be an even bigger success. Over 70 wood artists came together to design and build pieces of furniture, woodwork and art from a single 200-year old tree that was recently felled. Here's a look at just a few of the pieces that were showcased at the Robert Bateman Centre in Victoria, B.C.

Arnim Rodeck
"Holy Eagle"

Curtis Neufeld
"Milino Lounger"

Dallas Gara
"Sculpted Maple Rocking Chair"

Geoff Burton
"Breakfast in Bed"

Jacob Humphrey
"Pacifica Humidor

Jesse Toso
"Mariel #2"

Marc deMontigny
"Island Living"

Randy Mugford
"Alaria Console"

Steve Doreen
"West Coast Guitar"

Steve Neil
"The Polygon Cabinet"

Sue Pyper
"Coming Home"

Wyatt Wilkie
"Lyre Mandolin"

Sarah Fraser
"Tea Cabinet"


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