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Community - Canada: Canadians endure dark, cold winters. Adding the warm glow of a beautiful light to your home will help you enjoy the sun setting. Here's a selection of lighting made by Canadian artisans.

Canadian-Made Lighting

Shed Some Light: Great Canadian-Made Lighting

Pierre Rousseau
Shoji Lantern

Fir, paper, LED light
17" x  9" sq.
Photo by Intersections Studio

Mike Randall (Kurva Design)
Ash / LEDs
8' long x 2.5' wide (space occupies) 1.25" high. Also comes in 6' and 10'
Photo by Dale Roth of Roth and Ramberg

Jeff Trigg
Pendant with Stand

Spruce, black walnut
18" wide x 40" deep x 92" high
Photo by Trevor Brucki

Stefan Marinov

Cherry, shoji paper, glass
without glass top: 17-1/2" x 17-1/2" x 24-1/2"
Photo by Stefan Marinov
Jason Klager (Pictured in lead photo)
Lantern Table

Eastern maple, imbuya, becote
L:38" x W:14" x H:29"

Mike Kammerer
Eros ii

Birch plywood, walnut, fiberglass, rice paper, light fixture
5' high
Photo by Wendy D Photography
Christopher Solar
Stitch Floor Lamp

Walnut, birch, linen shade
62" high x 19" diameter
Photo by Christopher Solar
Kathryn Miller
Pillar Lamp

Concrete, wool, wooden stem, LED lights
5' tall x 10" diameter
Photo by Jenn Co-McMillen / Red Alchemy Photographic Arts

 Peter Pierobon
Serpentine Plumb

Yellow cedar and mahogany
24" x 58"
Photo by Goran Basaric
Stephen Dalrymple
Tusk Lamp

White oak, linen
8" x 19"h
Photo by Ryan Nangreaves

John Lavoie
Fossil Lamp

Reclaimed maple, copper, mica, various ammonites  
6'h, 24" diameter
Photo by Judy Peacock

Brothers Dressler
Branches Chandelier

47" diameter x 18" tall
White oak, hardware
Photo by Lars Dressler

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