CRKT Pack Axe

Efficient cutting and chopping with this all-around outdoor-savvy lightweight axe.

CRKT Pack Axe

CRKT Pack Axe

PRICE:$89.99 US
SOURCE:Find a Dealer
Overall Length:11-1/4"
Blade Length:2.9"
Blade Thickness:.8"
Blade Steel:Hot Forged 1060 High Carbon
Weight:1 lb 2.3 oz

A small axe or hatchet is handy to have around the home, cottage, shop, or work site. This new compact model from CRKT weighs in at just over one pound, and is a tad over 11" long, making it light enough to carry in a knapsack or on a belt. While obviously not meant for heavy duty tree removal, it will do a decent job of felling saplings, light duty limbing, splitting kindling, sinking tent pegs, knocking in the occassional nail, and stock removal if you're into sculpting.

The head is made of 
drop forged 1060 carbon steel. This is a medium carbon steel widely used in manufacturing products that need to both hard and strong. Case hardening, a process of diffusing carbon into the outer layer of steel at high temperatures, further increases surface hardness. 

I found the axe to be well-balanced, either when holding the handle at the knob or choking it when you want to make more controlled cuts. The hickory handle runs all the way up through the head. The head itself is hydraulically seated and wedged ensuring that it's firmly attached to the handle, which is comforting - you don't want the head to work loose and fly off in use. The cutting edge has a 'voyager' shape to it, with a very low heel, and the cheeks are hollow ground, making it easier for the axe to penetrate wood.

The blade comes well sharpened for general purpose cutting. If you plan to use the axe for carving you can easily regrind the bit with asymmetrical bevels with a wider bevel facing the workpiece, which I find provides better control when making cuts.

If you're looking for a light weight, general purpose axe then the CRKT #2748 is certainly worth considering.

Photo Gallery

Handsome head design by Elmer Roush.

Poll is large enough to handle tent pegs or nails.

Hydraulically seated and wedged head won['t be coming loose any time soon.

Comfortable handle and light weight makes for good maneuverability.

Not only for the great outdoors - the CRKT 2748 makes a great shop axe.

Carl Duguay
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