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Danner Tektite Work Boots

I may have just found the (almost) perfect medium-duty work boot. It's impossible that any single product will ever meet everyone's expectations, but the new Danner Tektite Work Boot (15538) should come pretty darn close. They have everything that I look for in a good work boot - comfort, durability, lightweight, waterproof, slip resistant, and easy lacing.
What makes or breaks a boot is basically what you stand on. On most boots, the shank, that supportive structure between the insole (the interior bottom of the boot that makes contact wit your foot) and the outsole (the exterior bottom of the boot that makes contact with the ground) is usually made of a stiff plastic or metal plate. On the the Tektite boot it's built on Danner's EXO® platform, essentially an ultra-light exoskeleton chassis. Integrated into the EXO is an internal forefoot plate that aids in stability and provides underfoot protection, and a heel guardrail that provides integral support for the back of the foot.

SuperFabric panels connected by leather webbing     

Ceramic beads cover the SuperFabric     
While support is really important, so too is durability. The top of the Tektite is comprised of several panels od something called SuperFabric connected by leather webbing. Double stitching secures the SuperFabric to the webbing.
The SuperFabric, which also covers the outside of the tongue of the boot, is a high tech material that was originally engineered to provide needle and knife puncture protection in the medical field. The fabric is not only extremely tear and abrasion resistant, it's stain and flame resistant, breathable, and non-wicking, yet remains flexible. If you look closely at the surface (second photo above) you'll see that it's covered with a series of tiny ceramic beads. Very innovative.

Polyurethane toe cap

Polyurethane heel cap       
Both the toe and heel are covered with a tough, waterproof polyurethane wrap that provides additional abrasion resistance. You'll notice in the two photos above that the outsole wraps up over the heel and the toe offering yet another layer of protection to the heel and toe, and to the EXO platform.

Thermo polyurethane outsole   
The outsole is made of thermo polyurethane (TPU). It's an ultra tough, waterproof, oil resistant compound, and has a slip resistant tread pattern. The 90 degree heel provides extra support when shoveling or climbing a ladder.

GORE-TEX XCR lining         
The inside of the Tektite is covered with a GORE-TEX XCR (Extended Comfort Range) liner. This liner is 100% waterproof and breathable. No water gets in, and perspiring feet don't feel so damp. This new version of Gore-Tex has 25% less resistance to moisture vapor transmission than the classic Gore-Tex — so water vapor more easily passes through the fabric to the outside and your feet stay dryer.


Insole - top and bottom views   
As with all boots there is a replaceable insole that provides an extra layer of cushioning, and added support between your foot and the midsole. You'd only need to replace these if you have specific support requirements such as fallen arches or flat feet, or if the insoles become soiled.
The midsole (under the insole and hidden by the GORE-TEX liner) is made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), a sponge or foam-like material that consists of numerous small bubbles filled with an inert gas. This makes the midsole light in weight, and flexible, while cushioning your feet by absorbing shock transmitted through the outsole.

Punched eyelets at the top, ringed at the bottom  
The Tektite has 5 pairs of ringed eyelets and 2 pairs of reinforced punched eyelets. Danner refers to this as a 'speed lace' fastening system. It works well, and you can snug up on the laces for a nice tight fit. But I would have much preferred hooked eyelets in place of the punched eyelets at the top of the boot — they're just so much quicker to tie and untie.

Super medium-duty work boots 
So, how do the Tektite boots hold up in the shop and on the work site? Stellar! I've been wearing them for up to 7 hours a day over the past couple of weeks, and I couldn't be happier with them. They're noticeably lighter than any other similar sized work boot I've used, and they're very comfortable. Lots of toe room, and the footbed is superb. You can really feel the impact of the EVA midsole - the effect is somewhat akin to walking on a thick carpet. The boot provide very good arch support as well.
I've noticed that my socks aren't as damp at the end of the day — thanks, in good measure I think, to the Gore-Tex XCR liner. I haven't used them in wet conditions yet, but with the rainy season fast approaching on the West Coast, I'll have ample opportunity to see just how waterproof they really are.
These Tektite boots are available in men's sizes 7 to 14D and 6 to 13EE (both widths in half sizes up to size 12), and in women's sizes 5 to 11M.
Colour choices are grey, brown, yellow, and orange, and you can order them with or without a safety toe.
If you spend a lot of time on your feet, in a workshop or on a job site, and you don't need heavy duty work boots, then do check out the Danner Tektites — they're superb.



  • Built on Danner's EXO® platform
  • SuperFabric® upper
  • Polyurethane toe and heel caps
  • GORE-TEX® XCR waterproof lining
  • Ethylene vinyl acetate foam midsole
  • Thermo polyurethane outsole
  • Oil and slip resistant tread pattern
  • Electrical hazard rating
  • Speed lace fastening system
  • 4.5" height
  • 1 lb. 5 oz. weight (per boot)
  • ASTM F2413-05 M I/75 C/75 EH compliant men's size 7-14D and 6-13EE women's size 5-11M
  • Available with and without safety toe
  • 1 yr. limited warranty

PRICE:$114.95  to $169.95
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Carl Duguay, September 2012
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