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David Atkinson

David Atkinson
Guelph, ON
I studied architectural technology in college and worked for 27 years in civil engineering. And importantly, design is design: architecture gave me an understanding of visual balance, proportion and composition; engineering, an understanding of how things physically go together. A lifetime studying and exploring woodworking principals brought both disciplines together.
I take pleasure from those who contemplate and ponder what I have done, how I have done it and why. While I like to surprise, it is not for the sake of surprise alone, but more from an intent to stoke the imagination and amusement of another, to encourage the need to touch and explore. Marquetry, which I fold around whatever I am making, is not just to cause the eye to rove around my work or to see where the designs go. There is also a subtle, unspoken message hidden in each piece; we tend to see the universe through self imposed limitations; true art and understanding are boundless.
"Constant attention to form, shape and mass has caused me to explore beyond the common and simple forms attributed to most woodworking."

Contemporary Sideboard

Chrysanthemum Table