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Devine Contact Now Available At Lowe's

PORTLAND, Ore., July 21, 2014 -- Devine's line of beautiful luxury vinyl, known as the The Devine Contact Collection is easily installable flooring with a patented adhesive backing. Now available at Lowe's locations throughout Canada, Devine Contact offers both traditional and contemporary design solutions for the DIY consumer.
Lowe's will be offering 2 color options, Devine Falcata Oak, a rich grey washed wood that offers a contemporary design solution as well as Devine Austrian Oak, a medium brown that offers a more traditional design sense. Both are offered in the 7.25x48 inch plank.
The revolutionary patent pending Contact adhesion system creates a bond that is both permanent and easily removable. It's as easy as "Prep, Place, Press and Done"(R). Once it is pressed to the floor surface, the pressure activated adhesion system creates a permanent bond. The unique impregnated fabric backing allows for easy removal once the initial bond is broken with minimal vertical-force effort and leaves no adhesive residue behind.  Devine Contact flooring can be used in commercial applications as well as residential environments. The press application also allows for endless pattern designs only limited by your imagination because directional placement is not necessary as with floating click systems.
"The beauty and realism offered in the Devine Contact line is second to none in the world. We are able to offer the DIY'er as well as architects and designers, a reasonably priced and incredible looking product that can be placed easily without damage to the subfloor, and easily removed at anytime in the future. For home owners who are seeking forward design solutions that are easy to install and hold up to today's lifestyle, Devine Contact is the answer," says Ashley Schwarz, Vice President, Devine Color Floor.
Devine Contact is very durable 3.0mm with a 0.30mm wear layer that is easy to clean with the occasional broom or mop and is suited for residential and light commercial application. Devine Contact comes with a 15 year residential or 8 year commercial warranty. All Devine Color flooring products are designed and manufactured under the highest quality standards and are Floor Score Certified.