DeWALT 12V 1/4" Hex Screw Driver/Impact Driver Set

Lots of power, minimal weight, extremely well balanced - you just can't go wrong


DeWALT 12V Lithium-Ion 1/4" Hex Screw Driver and Impact Driver Set

This much anticipated driver kit from DeWALT has a number of impressive features that should move it ahead of the 12-volt pack.
The DCK210S2 consists of two drivers, the DCF610S2 screw driver, and DCF815S2 impact driver. As you would expect, there are a number of similarities between there two tools. In particular, two of the features are outstanding. They share the same 12-volt, 1.3 amp-hour lithium-ion battery. Unless DeWALT has some secret engineering going on inside the battery, they offer the same power as 12-volt batteries from other manufacturers. What's somewhat different is that DeWALT has put the battery on the bottom of the handle.
Virtually all 12-volt drivers use a cartridge style battery that is inserted into the handle. As a result, handles tend to be bulky - generally about 2" at their widest. On the DeWALT drivers the handles are 1-3/4" at their widest. This only becomes an issue if you're doing a lot of drilling and driving, or if you have small hands. After ten or fifteen minutes of continuously holding a cartridge style driver the handles become somewhat uncomfortable to hold. DeWALT has chosen to suspend the battery below the handle. This makes for a considerably more comfortable handle. It also provides a larger base for the driver to rest on, and lowers the center of gravity, making the driver much more stable when you set it down on its base.

12-volt 1.3 amp-hour battery
The most effective LED work lights on the market
The second outstanding feature is the LED light. DeWALT has come up with a completely new design. The light completely surrounds the end of the chuck, and has three LEDs. This arrangement delivers a brighter, more evenly distributed light on your work, without the shadow you see on other drivers. If you ever have to work in poorly illuminated or confined spaces you'll love this feature. It's fabulous.
Both tools feature a 1/4" hex drive. Even though DeWALT has labeled the DCF610S2 a screw driver, it's ideal for drilling, particularly when working on furniture and cabinetry. If you have a big investment in drill bits, and use them a lot, then take a look at the new 3/8" 12-volt drill driver (DCD710S2). With a hex drive you're limited to using hex shanked drill bits, or buying adapters for the drill bits you already have. But I digress. The hex drive on these tools is very effective - push the bit in with one hand and it locks firmly in place. Pull backwards on the collar and the bit pops out - it's spring loaded.

Hex drive on the screw driver
Hex drive on the impact driver
On either side of the motor housing are rubber pads that help protect the tools when you lay them on their sides. I've noticed this featured on quite a few drivers. All power tools today come with rubber overmold grips, though some cover only part of the handle. On these tools the grips covert the handles completely. There are also belt hooks; these are just about essential when you're working on a job site. Another thing that I noticed is that the heads are less angled than on other drivers, though I'm not sure if it's much of an advantage.
In the hand these drills feel lighter than their actual weight (2.2 pounds for the screw driver and 2.3 for the impact driver), though they aren't the lightest models on the market. I think this has to do with the shape of the handle, and the lower center of gravity. By a hairs breath though, they are the most compact, measuring 6-1/4" from the tip of the chuck to the back of the handle.

16 position clutch
Rubber bumper pads protect the driver when laid on its side
The screw driver has a single speed of from 0 to 1,050 RPM and a 16 position clutch. This is a good range of speeds for the kind of drilling and driving you're likely to do with this unit. Unlike other manufacturers, DeWALT uses UWO (unit watts out) rather than inch-pounds to report its torque levels (though on the impact driver it reverts to inch-pounds). UWO is a different way to measure torque, and not comparable to inch-pounds. In the real world of drilling and driving, I found the screw driver very capable; I drilled so many 3/4" by 1-1/2" holes in red oak that I lost count, and I had no problem sinking over thirteen dozen 3" #8 screws in a doubled-up 2 by 6.

The head is less angled than on most other drivers
Super comfortable grip
The impact driver delivering 0-2,450 RPM and 0-3,400 impacts per minute, with a maximum torque of 950 inch-pounds made easy work of sinking 3-1/2" #8 screws in decking material. Tough little bugger.
The DCK210S2 is a great set to consider for use in the shop or for job site work. Lots of power, minimal weight, extremely well balanced - you just can't go wrong.
Other 12V Models:
DCD710S2 (3/8" Drill Driver)


  • 1/4" Hex
  • 12V lithium-ion battery, 1.3 Ah
  • 16 clutch settings (DCF610S2)
  • 0-1,050 RPM (DCF610S2)
  • 0-2,450 RPM (DCF815S2)
  • 0-3,400 IPM (DCF815S2)
  • 160 UWO (DCF610S2)
  • 950 in/lbs of torque (DCF815S2)
  • LED work light
  • 2.2 lbs weight (DCF610S2)
  • 2.3 lbs weight (DCF815S2)
  • 6-1/4" head length
  • 3 year warranty
  • Includes: fast charger, 2 batteries, bag, 2 bits, 2 belt hooks

AVAILABLE FROM:Tool and equipment suppliers nationwide
MODEL #:DCK210S2 consists of:
DCF610S2 Screwdriver
DCF815S2 Impact Driver
Carl Duguay, March 2011
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