DeWALT 38 Piece Impact Driver Accessory Set

Good assortment of commonly used bits and accessories


DeWALT 38 Piece Impact Driver Accessory Set

Standard drill and driver bits, nut drivers and sockets aren't meant to be used with impact drivers (or hammer drills for that matter). A conventional drill driver uses rotational force to drill holes and set screws, with speeds up to around 1,800 RPM and torque levels in the 600 inch-pounds range.
Impact drivers use a combination of rotational force and a 'hammer and anvil' system. The rotational speed on impact drivers is about the same as on drill drivers. However, when rotational force alone can't turn the bit, the hammer and anvil system kicks in. Basically, a drive gear with two matching lugs - the hammer - beats against a two-lugged gear - the anvil, supplying the extra torque needed to turn the bit. Torque levels on impact drivers can reach 1,500 inch-pounds or more. And conventional drill bits and driver bits, which weren't designed to handle these much higher torque loads can easily shear off when used with impact drivers.

DeWALT Impact Ready driver bits and friends
DeWALT has recently released a number of 'Impact Ready™' accessory sets, including the 38 piece Impact Driver Accessory Set (DW2169C). The DW2169C contains a decent assortment of the most popular driving accessories, conveniently stored in two plastic cases.

The driver bits and friends are housed in a durable 1-1/2" x 4" x 6" hard shell case. This particular set has almost an equal number of Phillips and Robertson driver bits, all of which are the #2 size. You get eight 1" Phillips (with a reduced diameter head for drywall application); eight 1" double ended Phillips; and eight 1" and five 2" Robertson. You also get two magnetic nut drivers (1/4" and 5/16"); a 3/8" socket adapter; and two bit holders - a standard magnetic holder, and the urber 'Pivot Holder™'.
According to DeWALT, the driver bits are subject to an advanced hardening process that provides maximum durability, resulting in less bit breakage. We have no way of confirming this, so we'll take them at their word. We did find, however, that the bits are well machined, and fit screw heads very snugly.

The 1/4" and 5/16" magnetic nut drivers (or 'nut setters') are equipped with patented, recessed corners that distribute torque across the flat edges of the nuts, helping to significantly reduce stripping. The magnets are powerful enough to hold nuts securely.

Nut driver, socket adapter, standard bit holder, 'Pivot Holder'
Recessed corners help reduce head stripping
DeWALT has included two bit holders. The 2-1/4" chrome magnetic holder is of a style that most of us will be familiar with. The end of the holder is 3/8" deep and has an extra-strength magnet that allows for strong bit retention.

The other bit holder, DeWALT's 'Pivot Holder', is quite unique, in that the head pivots 20°, making it much easier to drill in tight, confined spaces. You simply pull the locking collar up, and then pivot the top part of the holder. This is an excellent feature, which I can see coming in quite handy.
A hog ring, along with a magnet, holds the bit in place. I found that it took quite a bit of effort to pull the bit from the holder. You certainly won't have to worry about a bit working loose from the Pivot Holder. I'm somewhat tempted to remove the hog ring though; I think that the magnet alone will provide sufficient holding power.
Finally, there is a 3/8" socket adapter, which you can use with with 3/8" deep sockets that accompany this kit.

The bits and accessories fit nicely in the hard shell case, which has a locking latch on its side. Removable trays hold the bits and accessories in place. You can remove the bits quickly, but putting them back into the trays is a bit of a trick, as the shanks have to be oriented so that an edge faces upwards.

Removable bit trays are convenient
Bit shanks have to be oriented with an edge facing upwards when re-inserted into trays
Also included in a separate case are four 3/8" x 2" deep sockets in four very popular sizes: 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", and 9/16". These sockets, unlike the ubiquitous chrome-plated sockets, but like the DeWALT Impact Ready nut drivers, are made of hardened steel and have recessed corners, which helps to reduce nut and bolt head stripping. Having 6 sides rather than than 12 also helps reduce head stripping - there is more surface contact on the nut or bolt head. These sockets are also thin walled, making them somewhat easier to use in confined spots. 

Impact Ready deep sockets
The case doesn't look to be as durable as the bit storage case - I can't see the clear, plastic cover surviving very long in a tool box. As well, the thin flimsy tray that the sockets rest in won't last very long, which means the sockets will be rolling around inside the box, making a hell of a racket. Still, you'll have lots of additional storage space for those odds and ends that yet haven't found a home.

The thin, flimsy tray won't last long
Lots of space to store additional accessories
6-sided configuration for optimal performance
Set your lag bolts with finesse
At just under $50 the DW2169C Impact Ready set represents very good value. Bits suitable for impact drivers sell for around $1.25 each, while the sockets cost upwards of $5 each. The DeWALT Pivot Holder (DWPVTHLD) can be purchased separately for around $10.
And, of course, you can use these bits in your standard drill driver. There are several other DeWALT Impact Ready sets available with different combinations of driver bits and accessories. There is also an impact ready drill bit set.



(8) #2 x 1" Phillips
(8) #2 x 1" Phillips double headed
(8) #2 x 1" Robertson
(5) #2 x 2" Robertson
(1) 1/4" x 2" Magnetic Nut Driver
(1) 5/16" x 2" Magnetic Nut Driver
(1) 3/8" x 2-1/2"Socket Adapter
(1) 1/4" x 2-1/4 Magnetic Bit Holder
(1) 1/4" x 3-1/2" Pivot Holder with hog ring
(1) Bit Storage Case
(4) 3/8" x 2-1/2" Deep Sockets: 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16"
(1) Socket Storage Case

AVAILABLE FROM:Tool and equipment suppliers nationwide
MADE IN:China & Taiwan
Carl Duguay, October 2011
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